How to Safely Clean a Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet toilet seats are constructed with hard plastics like ABS or polypropylene.  These plastics are durable and easy to mold making them ideal for many everyday items like toys, chairs, car parts, and much more. 

Novita BH 90 93 top view of bidet with remote to the side

Bidet seats usually have a glossy finish and look great on porcelain toilets.  To maintain this look, it is important to avoid cleaning your bidet toilet seat with harsh abrasives or chemicals like alcohol or bleach.  These cleaning agents can deteriorate the plastic surface and cause discoloration or cracking over time. This includes bleach, ammonia, and alcohol based cleaners like clorox/lysol wipes.  Even "natural" cleaners are usual alcohol based.  To make matters worse, damages caused by these harsh chemical cleaners are not covered under warranty.

bar of mild soap in a puddle of water

To safely clean your bidet toilet seat, it’s always a good idea to first unplug the unit for safety.  Make a solution with mild antibacterial soap mixed with warm water.  You can also add one part white vinegar for extra disinfecting power.  Take a towel or wash cloth to wipe the entire surface of the bidet clean using the solution you just made.  You may want to use a separate paper towel or cloth to wipe down the underside of the seat itself if it is very soiled.  Once clean, use a fresh towel or cloth to wipe the entire surface with warm water to remove any traces of the cleaning solution.  Plug the bidet toilet seat back into the electrical outlet and voila!


If you are particularly concerned about germs around your toilet (YOU SHOULDN’T BE - Places Dirtier Than Your Tolet) and you insist on using an alcohol based cleaner, be sure to thoroughly wipe down the entire unit with warm water to remove as much of the chemical as possible.  We really don’t recommend doing this to begin with, but if you have to, wiping it down with warm water afterwards will help reduce the harmful effects of abrasive chemicals on your shiny bidet toilet seat.  Keep in mind, damages caused by using harsh abrasive chemicals to clean your bidet toilet seat are not covered by your warranty (the damage from harsh chemicals on hard plastics is distinct and easily determined).  So save yourself the time and hassle of having to replace parts of your bidet seat by cleaning it properly from the start!