TOTO WASHLET C2 and C5 Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Bidet King is proud to present the next generation C series TOTO Washlets: The C2 and the C5. From global bidet leader, TOTO, the C2 and C5 are the new and improved versions of the popular C100 and C200 washlets respectively. They feature more modern aesthetics and a few new features over the previous generation. Let’s take a closer look.

TOTO WASHLET C2 SW3074#01, SW3074#12

TOTO WASHLET C5 SW3084#1, SW3084#12


The new, slimmer profile of the TOTO C2 and C5 WASHLETS creates a sleeker and more modern silhouette. The previous c100 and c200 models are significantly bulkier -  almost 7.5” tall in the rear. The C2 and C5 on the other hand, are only 5.75” tall in the rear.   

The C2 washlet features an updated side panel that allows for better usability and control. The main function buttons are located towards the front with large and easy to read buttons. There’s an improvement in readability over the previous C100 side panel. Towards the back of the side panel we see the temperature, deodorizer, energy savings and other controls.

The C5 washlet includes a wall-mountable, dual-sided wireless remote control that looks similar in design to the higher end K and S series washlets.  Compared with the previous C200 remote, it’s slimmer with higher contrast buttons for better readability. The front of the remote includes the basic wash functions, dryer, nozzle adjustments and user preset buttons. On the back, you can control the seat, water, and air temperatures, automatic nozzle cleaning, and other fine tuning adjustments.

On the left side of the seats, you’ll see the water supply hose and electrical cord. On the right, you’ll see a deodorizer vent and the seat’s quick release tab.

The seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams. Simply push them forward and they will softly close on their own.


The biggest functional difference between the older C100 and C200 models and the new C2 and C5 is the addition of TOTO’s EWATER+ system. TOTO’s EWATER+ feature electrolyzes normal tap water to turn it into a disinfecting cleansing agent that can sanitize without the need for chemicals.

While the older models lacked this feature, the C2 and C5 now use the Ewater+ electrolyzed water to sanitize the spray nozzle between uses.  

Both new models feature a PRE-MIST function which sprays the bowl with a fine mist before each use, which helps keep the toilet bowl clean. 

The C2 and C5 WASHLETS also include all the same great features of the previous generation such as warm water, warm air dryer, oscillating nozzle, pulsating nozzle, eco mode, nozzle sterilization, and automatic air deodorizer.   

Its warm water supply is not endless, but the spray never turns completely cold either.

The new C2 and C5 washlets are nice updates to TOTO’s most popular C series line up.  They offer some additional functionality, but more importantly, bring the aesthetics up to par with modern bidet seats. 


Standard installation parts are included with the seat. First, we see the regular rear wash in action. Now we see the narrower hard rear wash. The nozzle position is adjustable in all wash functions and can also oscillate back and forth. Next, we see the front feminine wash from a different section of the nozzle. Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.