Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet Combination Review

The Discovery DLX is the latest bidet innovation from one of North America’s leading brands, Bio Bidet. As part of its high-end Discovery Series, the DLX is Bio Bidet’s newest luxury bidet toilet combination.  Combining a sharp, modern look with advanced functionality, the Discovery DLX makes a bold statement in the integrated bidet category.


With the Discovery DLX, Bio Bidet is focusing on modern design cues and a minimalist aesthetic.  Its base is skirted for easy cleaning and features a unique, lighted kick button in the front.  Its water connections, electrical cord and backup battery pack can be hidden in its rear compartment to create a seamless look. It also features a blue LED night light inside the bowl for an added accent when lighting conditions are dark.  

The upper bidet portion is very low profile thanks to the toilet’s tankless design. It creates a nice streamlined silhouette that should match most bathrooms. The seat is heavy duty and supports up to 400lbs, but the lid cover is not sittable.  The seat itself has a fairly flat profile that is comfortable and doesn’t tilt the user forward.

The Discovery DLX's remote control is similar to the DLS bidet seat with a two sided approach.  On the front, you'll find the basic operations like rear wash, front wash, dryer, flush and stop.  On the back, you'll find the fine tuning adjustments and special functions like the dynamic stream.  Along the top of the remote, you have the seat and lid controls. 


The Discovery DLX features the latest in bidet technology that one would expect in a luxury bidet toilet.  

The seat and lid are motorized so they can open and close automatically via button press on the remote control.  However, the DLX does not have a proximity sensor that senses when you approach.

Instead, its unique kick button allows you to lift the lid, seat, and/or flush the toilet depending on how many times the button is kicked. Kick once for the lid, a second time for the seat, and a 3rd time to flush the toilet when the seat and lid are up.  A very unique feature.  

A tankless water heating system provides endless warm water and energy efficiency for a comfortable wash.  Its spray pressure is above average, but not as strong as the BB-2000 model. 

Another luxury feature is a UV Sterilization System for its stainless steel nozzle. During the nozzle’s self cleaning process, it is exposed to an internal UV light that further santizes it.  

In addition to the conventional features like a heated seat, adjustable nozzles, oscillation, and warm air dryer, the Bio Bidet DLS also has a soft white LED night light, one button wash-and-dry,  and a hot-cold therapy spray option called “dynamic stream”.  

The DLX features a direct, tankless flushing system that uses 1.28 gallons per flush.  Its flushing action also rinses the bowl to help keep it clean.  The DLX is flushed via the remote control or the kick button. 

On the left side of the bidet you’ll find the auxiliary control panel. 

The DLX is covered by Bio Bidet’s Premier 5 year warranty that promises an enhanced service level. Standard installation parts including a wax ring are included with the toilet.

(Functional Demo)

First, we see the rear wash. By default, the nozzle oscillates during the wash and the position is adjustable. Next, we see the front feminine wash from a different section of the nozzle. Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent. 

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