Slim Bidet Seats

Adding a bidet seat to your home's bathroom can drastically improve your bathroom experience in more ways than one. Apart from the obvious improvement in hygiene and comfort, a bidet seat can also improve your bathroom's overall appearance, transforming it from a bland, regular bathroom to a more modern and sleek one. And nothing adds a touch of sleekness and modernity to a bathroom like a slim bidet seat.

However, not all bidet seats are built alike. In fact, many bidet seats have varying heights, both at seat level and at the back. Most older bidet seats are going to be bulkier than their newer counterparts. Owning a bidet seat that is on the bulkier side is not necessarily a con but if you’re looking for a bidet seat that will fit seamlessly onto your toilet and impress your guests, a slimmer, more sleeker looking bidet would be the better choice. Below will be a list of some of the slimmest electric bidet seats available on the market today. 

Slimmest Bidets

  • Alpha UX Pearl 
  • 1.5 inches at thinnest point (front of bidet)

    4.5 inches at thickest point (rear of bidet) 

  • Brondell Swash Thinline T44
  • 1.0 inch at thinnest point (front of bidet)

    4.0 inches at thickest point (rear of bidet) 

  • TOTO S550e Washlet 
  • 1.4 inches at thinnest point (front of bidet)

    5.0 inches at thickest point (rear of bidet)