Bidet Seats That Can Do It All

Choosing the right bidet seat model for your needs can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Given that there are so many different models to choose from, narrowing down the models with the best features for you and at the right price point requires some time and research. However, if you are looking for a bidet seat that has all the bells and whistles, great build quality, and is highly rated, then this is the article for you. In this article we will break down which bidet seats stand out from the rest of the competition, the features included in these models, their price points, and why we believe these are the best of the best and deserve to have the recognition of ‘bidet seats that can do it all!’ 

Important Features 

When choosing a bidet seat, it is important to compare and contrast the different features each model offers. Not every bidet seat is built the same, both in terms of its features and build quality. However, there are some models that have more features than others. Important features one should look for in a bidet seat varies depending on one’s specific needs and preferences. But some core features one should consider is that of a strong spray pressure, warm air dryer, heated seat, heated water, and a good build quality. Additional features to consider are a deodorizer, user presets, massage mode, and a night light to name a few. 

A bidet seat with a strong spray pressure will help you achieve a more complete and efficient clean. Additionally, the warm air dryer will also ensure you are left dry and clean after a rear wash cycle. These two features are at the core of every bidet seat. But, if you are looking for a bidet seat that can do it all, then the features you should consider are advanced sanitation capabilities, unlimited warm water, auto open/close seat and lids, user presets, one button wash n’ dry functions, and pulse modes. A great tool to use to compare and contrast the different features offered in each bidet seat model is our comparison chart. This handy chart lists every feature included in our bidet seats as well as their warranty lengths. 

Bidet Seats We Recommend

  • Alpha UX Pearl 
  • The Alpha UX Pearl is the newest addition to the Alpha Bidet line. Packed with the newest technology and designed with comfort and luxury in mind, the UX Pearl really deserves to be included in our list of ‘bidet seats that can do it all’. This luxury bidet is not only one of slimmest models on the market, but it also has some of the most advanced features available. It is powered by an energy efficient, tankless water heating system which provides on-demand, unlimited warm water.

    Along with standard features like a heated seat, warm air dryer, and a soft close seat and lid, the UX Pearl contains a photocatalyst deodorizer that neutralizes unpleasant smells. It also has the benefit of not needing a cartridge to be replaced, like some other deodorizers. 

    The UX Pearl also has an industry exclusive Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer which utilizes an air plasma generator to sanitize and freshen your toilet bowl between uses by circulating ion particles. This significantly cuts down on odors and bacteria inside your bowl.

    The UX Pearl utilizes an arc shaped stainless steel nozzle. This uniquely curved, self cleaning stainless steel nozzle minimizes any chance of contamination and splash-back while also providing a better reach during a front wash cycle. Lastly, the UX Pearl has 2 user presets that allow users to save up to two user profiles. These user profiles save the spray pressure, nozzle position, and temperature settings. 

  • TOTO S550e Washlet 
  • The TOTO S550e Washlet is one the most popular and reliable bidet seats on the market today. It includes standard features such as front and rear wash, unlimited warm water, heated seat, and a warm air dryer. Additional features include a wide spray function, user presets, LED night light, auto open/close seat and lid, TOTO’s exclusive Ewater+ feature which uses an eco-friendly, electrolyzed water spray to clean the toilet bowl. Also included is a premist feature which sprays water onto the toilet bowl before use, helping to prevent anything from sticking to the bowl.

    Another bidet seat model that can do it all is the newest model from Bio Bidet. The Discovery DLS is, like the Alpha UX Pearl, one of the slimmest models on the market today. It has standard features like a rear wash, feminine wash, warm air dryer, and a heated seat, the DLS also has advanced features such as a unique UV Sterilization feature which uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the nozzle after each wash cycle, reducing the spread of germs. This is in addition to the nozzle’s self cleaning function that uses water like other bidet seats. 

    Also included is a motorized opening/closing seat and lid. This allows users to easily open and close the seat and/or lid with a press of a button. Users also have the option to activate the proximity sensor which will allow the user to open the seat and/or lid by simply walking up to the toilet. This is a great feature for those looking for a true hands free experience.