Bidet T-Valve for Skirted Toilets


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Are you trying to install an electronic bidet toilet seat on a skirted toilet but can't access the fill valve under the tank? Do you have a 3/8" shut-off valve at the wall and wish you could add a t-valve there instead of at the toilet's fill valve?  We have a solution for you.

This t-valve has top male and bottom female connections that are 3/8" compressions threads.  Install this t-valve between your current toilet supply hose and the shut-off at the wall.  The third outlet is a 1/2' pipe thread so you can connect the bidet seat of your dreams to your skirted toilet.

Not compatible with TOTO Washlets alone

Not compatible with Non-Electric Bidets due to hose incompatibility

  • For non-electric bidets like the Alpha ONE V2 or GoBidet 2003c that use 3/8" compression threading, use the 3/8" compression brass t-valve instead.
  • If you have a 1/2" shut-off valve, you will need the 1/2" t-valve instead: 


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Customer Reviews

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Kwesi R.
Excellent Fix For My Apartment's Skirted Toilet

I was able to use this to put a white Brondell S300-EW Swash 300 Elongated Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat onto my apartment's skirted toilet. It worked like a charm with Brondell's included components and has been working well for me for the past month! Thanks so much for making this helpful piece!

Ronald Ragland
Perfect Answer

The bidet T-Value was the suggested solution for marrying a newly purchased skirted toilet to my existing bidet. Perfect answer.

Sue Wing
Excellent service

The item we needed was so easy to find in your website and delivered very quickly!! Excellent Service! Thank you

Matthew Kenney
Perfect part

Just what I needed to hook up the bidet as the part that came with it was not the right size.

Perfect valve for my skirted toilet and hand held bidet

My plumber couldn't do anything since nothing similar is available at the local stores. After almost giving up, a quick search online showed this product. Perfect fit!

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