Bidet T-Valve for Skirted Toilets


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Are you trying to install an electronic bidet toilet seat on a skirted toilet but can't access the fill valve under the tank? Do you have a 3/8" shut-off valve at the wall and wish you could add a t-valve there instead of at the toilet's fill valve?  We have a solution for you.

This t-valve has top male and bottom female connections that are 3/8" compressions threads.  Install this t-valve between your current toilet supply hose and the shut-off at the wall.  The third outlet is a 1/2' pipe thread so you can connect the bidet seat of your dreams to your skirted toilet.

Not compatible with TOTO Washlets or Non-Electric Bidets due to hose incompatibility.


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Absolutely worth every penny!

Yes, these are not cheap, but they appear to be super high quality, and they also make the install of a bidet on a Toto skirted toilet POSSIBLE. Not easier, POSSIBLE. You MUST have something like this to install a BB-2000 (or any bidet) to your skirted toilet. With this beautifully crafted T-valve, the install is not only POSSIBLE, but actually pretty simple. Just thread one end to the supply line, the other end to the toilet reservoir, and the third to the supplied bidet hose.

I don't skimp when it comes to components dealing with high-pressure water in my house. You shouldn't either. Spend the extra money to buy this T-valve purpose-built to connect bidets to skirted toilets.

Great fitting

This was just the ticket for the installation of my BB-2000 on a skirted toilet. It saved me from building an ugly mess of tees and elbows and adapters.


The Bidet T-Valve for Skirted Toilets worked as advertised. Easy install/hookup for adding a Bidet. Great product. Good pricing. I will definitely buy from BidetKing again.

essential for skirted toilet

Kohler made bidet seat instructions indicate that it's NOT for their skirted toilet. That's because usual 3 way valve can't be installed easily. This valve splits off right from the water shutoff valve. It is actually hard to find. I tried the big box stores and then a local specialty plumbing supply and could not obtain it. It does the trick and doesn't look like a cobble job. BTW, the manual Kohler bidet seat looks and fits perfectly to their skirted toilet. "Persuade", I think it's called.

T valve

I needed this t- valve to attach my Bidet, unfortunately it's not automatically recommended by Bidetking so we spent a day trying different t valves and other tubes before ordering it. Bidetking sent it to me quickly and the bidet was installed. Shame on Kohler for making it so hard to attach a bidet. Other then this problem I love my bidet

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