Bidet T-Valve for Skirted Toilets


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Are you trying to install an electronic bidet toilet seat on a skirted toilet but can't access the fill valve under the tank? Do you have a 3/8" shut-off valve at the wall and wish you could add a t-valve there instead of at the toilet's fill valve?  We have a solution for you.

This t-valve has top male and bottom female connections that are 3/8" compressions threads.  Install this t-valve between your current toilet supply hose and the shut-off at the wall.  The third outlet is a 1/2' pipe thread so you can connect the bidet seat of your dreams to your skirted toilet.

Not compatible with TOTO Washlets alone

Not compatible with Non-Electric Bidets due to hose incompatibility

  • For non-electric bidets like the Alpha ONE V2 or GoBidet 2003c that use 3/8" compression threading, use the 3/8" compression brass t-valve instead.
  • If you have a 1/2" shut-off valve, you will need the 1/2" t-valve instead: 


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Customer Reviews

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Works perfect

Mary Ryan
Alpha Pearl Bidet Seat

Did quite a bit of research before selecting this bidet seat for my elderly Mom. Well, she absolutely loves it and I tried it while setting up the remote and I love it too! Will be getting one for my bathroom. The positives are too long to list, great product!

Karen Padilla
Just what I needed to get the new Bidet seat working

I was not able to use my Bidet without this much needed piece

Riley C
High quality, easy install

The Toto Aquia toilet is great but reaching the inlet connection is impossible without disassembling the toilet. I was lucky to run across Bidet king's video on skirted toilets and order the t valve and toto adapter. Very simple to install. I appreciate being able to install the washlet myself.

John Cornwell
Exactly what I needed

I'm not proud to say that I made 3 trips to the hardware and 1 trip to a plumbing supply house where I spent more than the cost of this T-Valve to get them to hack something together with all of the fittings I needed. The assembly still leaked. After watching your YouTube video, I ordered this T-Valve and the Toto adapter, and the installation took me about 6 minutes. Thank you for the video and the parts!

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