Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination

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Bio Bidet Prodigy

The Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 bidet toilet combination is the brand’s next leap in design, elegance and comfort. The Prodigy P770 Smart Toilet is a sleek, one piece toilet with advanced bidet functionality built in. In addition to its effective cleansing and drying functionality, it’s packed with other smart toilet features such as an automatic opening and closing lid, touchless flushing, and so much more. The Bio Bidet Prodigy integrated bidet toilet combines a high end, luxury aesthetic with superior bidet cleansing in an affordable package. It's the bidet toilet you never knew you needed.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

The Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 model includes the automatic opening/closing lid feature.  The P700 model does not have this feature, but is otherwise identical.

illustration of the toilet, transparent showing the inside constructionIllustration of the bidet's seat

Prodigious Design
The Bio Bidet Prodigy comes in a sleek design sporting a unibody bidet seat that sits tight upon its skirted toilet base. It has a modern, rectangular design that’s both beautiful and functional. With its square seat design, the Prodigy provides about 30% more seating area than most bidet seats.

The toilet itself features a tankless design that provides a lower-profile aesthetic. With a direct connection to the water source, the Bio Bidet Prodigy also provides a more powerful flush than tank-type toilets.

Close up of the bidet's nozzle designClose up of the bidet's seat and lid aesthetic

Automatic Lid: The Prodigy’s automatic lid rises and sets as you approach or move away from the toilets perimeter. 
Touchless Dual Flush: The powerful flush on the Bio Bidet Prodigy is touchless and flushes upon rising from the toilet. No need to touch any buttons or levers.
Expanded Comfort Seat: The Prodigy’s seat is unique as it is designed for comfort by adding about 30 percent more seating area than conventional bidet seats.
Tankless Toilet Design: The Prodigy comes with a tight contemporary aesthetic that derives from its tankless structure. Prodigy’s tankless body is what makes this integration look like it belongs in the most prestigious of locations.

Woman walking towards the Bio Bidet Prodigy

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Bio Bidet Prodigy Smart Toilet Features List:

  • Automatic Opening/Closing Lid (P770 Only)
  • Rear Wash
  • Front Feminine Wash
  • Enema Wash
  • Oscillation and Pulse Modes
  • Warm Water (limited tank heating)
  • Wireless Remote
  • Auto Touchless Flushing
  • Dual Flushing (1.6 gpf / 1.0 gpf)
  • Expanded Comfort Seat
  • Adjustable Heated Seat
  • Deodorizer
  • Intelligent Body Sensor
  • Adjustable Warm Air Dry
  • Quick Release for Easy Cleaning
  • Tankless Body
  • Automatic Power Save
  • LED Nightlight
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty



Download User Manual

Bio Bidet Prodigy User Manual (.pdf)

Download Installation Manual

Bio Bidet Prodigy Installation Manual (.pdf)

Download Dimensions and Rough-in Guide

Bio Bidet Prodigy Dimensions (.pdf)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Taylor
This is my second one: Fantastic Bidet and my renters love it!

I have an AirBnb and one of the comments I get the most often is how much they love my P700 that I got about 1 year ago. In the house, I don't have one, so I just ordered the P770. The only negative feedback is that when you do a large flush, some water splashes out, it is clean water, post flush.

Keith Taylor
Nice bidet, huge seat surface.

In 2018 I was in South Korea living in a hotel for six months, my room had this bidet and I was sold on washlets! I purchased a swash 1400 for my US home and converted the rest of my family too. In 2019, I found a great deal on the prodigy P770 and replaced the swash (moved to another bathroom). Comparing the two, the swash 1400 has nicer features, but the prodigy has a nicer seat plus the autoflush is nice. The swash water is unlimited, but the prodigy gets cold after a couple cycles. Also, I don't believe there is a user specific memory like the swash. I installed everything myself, and have not had any problems. It's been two years not with the prodigy and I am very happy with it.

Product and Company sucks!

I bought the biobidet P770 towards the end of March 2020. Two weeks in I realized that the nozzle kept dripping continuously 24/7, which was a bit annoying at night. For such an expensive bidet there was no installation included or offered. I found that odd being that the bidet is marketed to household consumers. Though only a couple parts are needed to install the bidet you will need to know about plumbing and be extremely strong or have a helping hand to place the bidet and install the unit.

HERE where I decided this was a total SH*T waste of my money. After reaching customer service they notified me that I would have to fill out a pdf and send pictures. I did that. Then Biobidet customer service tells me there are NO IN-HOUSE Technicians for the company and fixing myself could void warranty so I didn't want to do that on such an expensive unit. My only option was to ship the top of the biobidet p770 to their facility out of state (I'm in California). Oh and if you are curious, buyer (YOU) pay shipping and handling. Then I had to get the top of the biobidet uninstalled packed and shipped it. Not easy at all. It's a huge elongated seat. Good luck finding a box that'll fit the bidet seat if you didn't keep the original. I ended up fashioning my own shipping box and paying nearly $100 for shipping. Also, don't forget you are still going need a place to use the bathroom so of course I had to reinstall the old toilet.

The request for repair began Mid-April. When the repair facility received my bidet I got word it would only take 3-5 business days before hearing back. It's been weeks now. No word! I reached out to support and received an email today saying they aren't sure why there's been no word on the bidet and they will email me back.

If I were biobidet I would be ashamed. Nearly a two and half grand spent on product that I've been able to use for two weeks. Company shows sense of urgency to satisfy customers. My opinion is your money is better spent elsewhere. Save yourselves the headache.

** BidetKing Response Hello - I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Can you email us with your order details? We can step in and find out what's going on at Bio Bidet**

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