Bio Bidet Palm Portable Travel Bidet

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Bio Bidet Palm Portable Travel Bidet TP-70 (450ml)

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Very Good for trips

I purchased this for a trip because I enjoy my bidet seat so much I did not want to be without it for 4 days. This little hand held bidet worked better than I expected. It's easy to get a good angle from behind and there is good pressure and a sufficient amount of water for the purchase. I highly recommend this for travel.

years of excellent

I've had mine for about 5 years, and use it at home all the time. I love the economy, convenience and compactness of this little gadget. It's simple, it works great, I can take it anywhere (empty) and have my familiar washing up no matter what. As someone else mentioned, it dribbles a bit, but I don't mind; if I turn it back upright the right way it hardly dribbles at all. If I lose it I'll buy another one instantly. It shows no wear after being used several times a day for years.

Bio Travel Bidet

Well I purchased my Bio Palm Travel Bidet roughly a year ago, intending on taking it on holiday with me last Fall of which I did. Yet I must say it has been a blessing to have during this crazy Pandemic. I had purchased an 18 roll pack of T-paper a week before warnings of the Pandemic came and people started ridiculously hoarding it. And thought to myself ....Wait a minute! I have a travel bidet. Problem solved. I keep the bottle washed and filled daily. Using it 99% of the time. No worries about running out off T-paper I keep it right next to the comode. The only thing that annoys me is the air hole rivet on the bottom as it does leak a wee bit sometimes. May eventually get the next step up in the line yet this one well serves it purpose just fine in this crazy time. I also purchased one of the portable bidets to install in my new comode when I get around to replacing it.

Great if it was two inches longer.

This works if it had a two inch longer neck. I got four inch long piece of plastic tubing, severed the old neck and then added one inch of the tubing over each end for a net gain of two inches

Not long enough!

The neck is too short.

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