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The new and improved Bio Bidet BB-70 Simplet Natural Water Bidet Attachment is revamped from the inside out.  Keeping in line with today's quality standards, the Bio Bidet BB-70 now boasts an improved silver brass internal valve, brass inlet connection, braided water hose and a universal brass 7/8" t-valve.  This gives the BB-70 a major advantage over competitors that still use plastic connection pieces.  The all metal connections provide increased durability and peace of mind against leaks.  

Like its predecessor, the super popular BB-50, the new Bio Bidet BB-70 is still the best-in-class cold water bidet attachment.  Its stepping control knob gives users supreme flow pressure control and its removable nozzle is great for easy cleaning.  It requires no electricity or batteries and simply works off of your home's water pressure.  The retracting nozzle and splash guard help keep the nozzle clean between uses.  Installation is also a breeze with its new universal 7/8" brass t-valve that fits 99% of residential toilets in the USA.  Its low profile design is able to fit underneath most toilet seats without a hitch. 

Available in WHITE and fits most 1 piece and 2 piece toilets without a French curve. 


Features and Functions

- Removeable nozzles for easy cleaning
- Easy D.I.Y. installation
- No electricity or batteries needed
- Splash guard nozzle
- P.S.P.C. technology
- Adjustable water pressure
- All brass inlet
- Silver brass internal control valve
- Universal brass 7/8" t-valve 
- Durable braided water hose 

BB-70 Brass Hose 

BB-70 Hose & T-Valve

BB-70 Removeable Nozzle

Product Specifications

BB-70 Installation Instructions

Owner's Manual
Bio Bidet BB-70 Owner's Manual

What's Included?

- (1) 7/8" T-Valve
- (1) Cold Water Metal Braided Hose



The Bio Bidet BB-70 from is covered by a 12 Month Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (from date of purchase).

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Blast on your ass

Works good but make sure the nozzle doesn't worm its way out, keep it pushed in all the way or it becomes a flood instead of a stream. Toilet seats aren't always tightened down real good, can wiggle and push the nozzle out just enough to cause a flood instead of a stream.

good product but pita to install

Works well, good cleaning, miss the heated water of my expensive electric one in my main bath. Went for the plain jane for the second bath. Cons- adjusting the seat to be level and installation instructions frankly, sucked. We went on you tube for help from other customers and it was still a cuss worthy project. Bidet King **really** needs detailed installation videos for their products to deal with customer frustration. Funny thing is, the expensive electric one was a piece of cake to install. 3 stars mostly for the frustration

Product and instructions do not work as intended

Purchased this excited to have clean butt cheeks.

What I got instead is a leaky apartment toilet and a bidet that doesn't even work as intended. Now I need to discretely fix this, else the property management company will learn of my failed installation...

How did this happen?

Poor instructions, for one. No mention of the rubber washer in the instructions. Typos everywhere. Enumerated instructions that begin and just as soon are forgotten about and replaced by a new step 1. Ambiguous illustrations. Even after watching several YouTube videos in preparation for this project, I still was lost as to the orientation of the rubber washer. Spent far too long having to figure this out.

Overengineering. Most videos I saw have plastic t adapters. This seems nice and reasonable, as you are less likely to strip the plastic male end of the fill valve sticking out of the bottom of the toilet. What happened to me...because I was fiddling about first without the rubber washer, then with it but in the wrong orientation, then finally in the right orientation...was that I stripped this plastic fill valve thread. So, now, the toilet leaks. Slowly. Quietly. But it is there. I think with a plastic t adapter and with better instructions, this would not have happened.

Finally, the bidet did not function as intended, when I was able to briefly get it to work. The shooter part did not retract! So, am I supposed to stick my hand down there and give it a nudge?

Absolutely disappointed. Very surprised this has the positive reviews it does. I shall try a different website for my next bidet. Wish me luck trying to clandestinely repair my apartment toilet's fill valve without the management knowing.


i really love to achieve it really benificary for my family

Great Bidet

Installment was finicky in the beginning because some parts were not explained. After using the unmentioned piece, it works perfectly! I love the simplicity of (most of) the installation process. It is incredibly easy to use and cleans well every time!

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