Bio Bidet BB-1000 Replacement Remote

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OEM Bio Bidet BB-1000 Replacement Remote Control - includes wall mount

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

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Susan F
replacement remote

A decent price, quick service and so nice to have the full function again of my BB-1000 bidet!

Ella Aizenstadt
Great service

Very happy with my purchase. Great customer service.

Perfect replacement

My original remote started flaking out on me. I tried to fix it, but there was some damage to the button membrane that couldn't be repaired. This remote was an easy drop-in replacement and seems to be of good quality. Otherwise I would have had to replace the whole bidet. $50 is definitely a lot better than $300.

Momma J
Product and Customer Service

After having a BidetKing installed, I hate to use the restroom anywhere else. The warmth of the seat and the freshness from the spray makes the experience so much more pleasant. The company was very efficient at replacing the remote when it became defective. Also the technical help with resetting is very helpful to non-technical people.

Better than OEM

I bought the replacement remote when the remote for my bb-1000 stopped working. The original remote was in a constant state of flashing on the water / dryer temp adjustment on the far left. I decided to rip it all apart to figure out exactly why it broke and to fix it temporarily while I waited for this replacement. I pealed the sticker off of the front interface and took the remote apart. There's two ribbon cables attaching the button interface to the pcb. You can take a razor blade and cut off the pin on the widest ribbon cable that is closest to the small cable, not the wall of the remote. This disables the water / dryer temp adjustment as well as the posterior and stop but enables the rest of the remote to work. (the posterior and stop can be triggered from the side buttons anyway so this make is usable at least while I got replacement ordered). While figuring this out and ripping it all apart, I was really unhappy with the materials used in the construction of this remote. somewhat of a cheesy design that would certainly be prone to failure. These replacement remotes are different -- same layout but different materials. it's a much better quality and you'll feel what i mean as soon as you compare the button presses. These replacements should have been the ones the device came with originally.

Hope this helps

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