Bidet Seat Water Filter - Ion (Pack of 3)

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Note: Appearance and color of actual water filter may vary. This item is for a Pack of 3 Ion Water Filters.

Extend the life of your electronic bidet toilet seat with an inline water filter.  These deluxe ion water filters are designed to serve two purposes:

1) to remove sand, dirt, rust, and other particles from the incoming water stream that may otherwise cause damage to bidet seats

2) to add ions to the water stream to discourage bacteria and improve hygiene     

Water filters have 1/2" fittings on each end (male to female) and are easily installed on the water supply line without the need for special tools.    

Replacing the filters every 4-6 months is suggested.

Not recommended with TOTO Washlets due to TOTO's hose design.

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

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Mark Rocco Tutalo
Great idea

Filter fits Perfect, will keep contaminants out of Nozzles

a blessing!

Having experienced bidets in Europe I came home to find that our country was practically devoid of this practical, hygienic device. Our Puritanical background? With the advent of the Bidet toilet seat marketed by Bidet King, It isn't necessary to have the space and expense of two porcelain fixtures in order to be able to use a bidet! I was ecstatic to be able to get and install this along with the filter for the water supply. It works very efficiently and has more features than the standard bidet of Europe and for much less money as well as easy to install.


The ordering process was simple and the delivery of my order was quick and efficient! I also had help from someone before I ordered and help afterward as well. He sent a link that made it easy for a great Grandmother to install the filter correctly. I couldn't be more pleased with our bidet and the company that will help us keep it running in our later years. Thank you! Judy Williams


I had problems with some other brand of filters but these are working fine. No installation problems. If you have an older home with steel plumbing, you need these filters.

GENO/ Phila
Brondell Swash 1400

This Bidet is so fantastic that I bought 2 of them I highly recommend that every one get at least one especially now with the COVID 19 no need to ever worry about shortage of toilet paper ???? and sanitary. Try one u won’t be sorry especially if you’re getting up in age

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