Bidet Seat Water Filter - Ion (Pack of 3)

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Note: Appearance and color of actual water filter may vary. This item is for a Pack of 3 Ion Water Filters.

Extend the life of your electronic bidet toilet seat with an inline water filter.  These deluxe ion water filters are designed to serve two purposes:

1) to remove sand, dirt, rust, and other particles from the incoming water stream that may otherwise cause damage to bidet seats

2) to add ions to the water stream to discourage bacteria and improve hygiene     

Water filters have 1/2" fittings on each end (male to female) and are easily installed on the water supply line without the need for special tools.    

Replacing the filters every 4-6 months is suggested.

Not recommended with TOTO Washlets due to TOTO's hose design.

Customer Reviews

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Buy a Bidet and Get the Filters!

Absolutely love our 2 Bidets from BidetKing. We have very hard water and we’re worried it would damage out units. The solution was right in my email! Filters are so easy to install and great protection for the best thing you’ll ever add to your home.


Easy to install
A little pricey though.

Denice Reed
Water filter

Attached the filter to our bidet that was repaired and it has worked great. It has really shown a difference in the best working great

Andrei Ludu
Excellent service, outstanding products

I buy bidets and filters (ion) from this company in years. Excellent product: solid, resistant, pleasant. Night time a lovely low blue light. Jets are excellent, really hygiene 100%. Hot water provided, seat warmed.

Once the seat began to slide a little. I asked the company. Mr. J C from customer support from BidetKing answered immediately and gave me the solution. he sent me for free two rubber legs and told me tricks to stabilize. Awesome, thank you!

In 8 years or so one of the bidets I have (I have 2 and my daughter has 1) from BidetKing got a problem, the jet was weak. I asked and the company replied immediately and extensively, in detail. They told me to replace the nozzle, sent me video, sent me instruction. I bought it, and arrived. I followed instructions from video, simple and neat, opened up, replaced it. Unfortunately it didn't work. I wrote again to J C. he said "ship the bidet here" and the cost you paid for the nozzle will cover the repair. he also sent me a shipment tag, for free.
I shipped it and they repaired quickly. It was an electric part broken. They shipped it back fairy quickly and now I have it back working like new.

I want to extend my big thanks to JC for his/her awesome help and kindness, friendly talking, smart suggestions, so cool!!!

Great job everyone, congrats!

I highly seriously recommend everyone the BidetKing product and I highly recommend all: take care of your hygiene, you avoid infection, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc... Use a bidet!

James Keel
Excellent Product

Easy to install. Great peace of mind.

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