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Note: Appearance and color of actual water filter may vary.

Extend the life of your electronic bidet toilet seat with an inline water filter.  These deluxe ion water filters are designed to serve two purposes:

1) to remove sand, dirt, rust, and other particles from the incoming water stream that may otherwise cause damage to bidet seats

2) to add ions to the water stream to discourage bacteria and improve hygiene    

Water filters have 1/2" fittings on each end (male to female) and are easily installed on the water supply line without the need for special tools.    

Replacing the filters every 4-6 months is suggested.

Not recommended with TOTO Washlets due to TOTO's hose design.

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

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Rick Deamer
Non standard fittings

Prepare to buy fittings to hook up supply line.

The bidet seat water filters uses standard 1/2' threads on both ends. They are compatible with virtually all electronic bidet seats. They are not compatible with TOTO washlets as TOTO uses a unique hose design. Thanks

Terry in Texas
I Appears To Do the Job

This was a replacement of like filters that were previously on the unit. Since we have never had any issue with clogs in the bidet, one can conclude that it does what it is supposed to do.

Perfect filter

I live near the Mojave desert and the water out here is terrible. This ion filter has done a superb job of keeping my bidet safe from harmful impurities. I won't use any other filter.

Water Filter

It's a water filter. It filters water quite nicely - it's beautiful.

Good quality

These are as advertised filters and of good quality. I live by myself so as of yet I have not needed to replace the first filter yet, it has been four months. The water pressure has not yet shown signs of diminishing.
BidetKing delivered my order quickly and packaged well.
This is a good purchase for price, quality, and delivery (customer service).

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