Bidet Seat Extension Hose for Skirted Toilets


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Do you have a skirted toilet and are having trouble installing the water supply for a bidet seat? Well fret no more as BidetKing has the solution. 

The Bidet Seat Extension Hose was designed specifically to help access the near inaccessible fill valve on skirted toilets. Most modern bidet seats come with 7/8" t-valves that are meant to connect directly to the fill valve at the bottom of the toilet tank.  With skirted toilets, this fill valve is hidden behind the toilet and there is not enough room to install a t-valve.

This extension hose will allow you to bring the 7/8" fill valve connection to the side of the toilet and make installing and removing a bidet seat a breeze. This kit is compatible with all 7/8’ ballcock connections (standard USA and Canada fill valve size).

-7/8" Ballcock connections (one male/one female)

-Approximately 14.5" in length

Customer Reviews

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Grateful for this!

This is what we needed to install our handheld bidet on our skirted toilets. Thank you so much for making this product!

Quality & Easy to install

The Toto washlet is the Best purchase ever. Easy to install and customer service is great, they answer any and all questions well and professionally.

DIY mom
Perfect. Saved our install and purchase.

We've purchased both the Toto C100 and newer C2 bidet to add to our skirted Toto toilets, which you'd imagine should work well. But the Toto connector hardware is AWFUL, and we wasted over $80 on two of the Toto-recommended THU9099R extension hoses for installation -- which leaked like crazy, and after trying every hack suggested by other installers, we were still getting slow leaks.
==> This part saved the day. After we switched, the installs went without a hitch. Water tight. Wish we had come here first.
The other hint on the Toto bidet installs is to drop a #10 fiber washer behind a #10 brass washer into the plastic T-connector junction to the bidet hose.

Saved my purchase

The only way to install a portable bidet on my skirted toilet !


part worked perfectly for my toto toilet model. I thought I could get by without the extension hose but my skirted toilet model would not accept the normal install so I finally gave in!

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