GoBidet 2003C Product Details Shop All Non-Electric Bidets

Back by popular demand, the GoBidet 2003C from BidetKing.com is the highest quality non-electric bidet attachment currently out on the market.  With a durable brass core and an attractive chrome finish, the all-metal GoBidet is built to last.  The updated t-valve connector and supply hoses are also metal for leak free operation.

To install the bidet attachment, place the unit on top of the toilet bowl with your seat and lid removed.  A plastic spacer is provided to keep your toilet seat level with the bidet attachment.  For one piece toilets, swap the location of the threaded nut & bushing to the furthest position.  Tighten the nut with the rubber and plastic washers from the underside of the toilet bowl.  Next, install the 7/8” t-valve to the bottom of the toilet tank. 

Connect the 3/8” bidet hose to the GoBidet’s 3/8” nipple.  Attach the other end of the hose to the t-valve.  Re-connect the toilet’s supply hose.  The GoBidet can also be equipped with an optional hot water connection.  Remove the plug and replace it with the 3/8” nipple.  Once the nipple has been installed, connect the hot water hose and 3/8” t-valve to the hot water supply under your sink.

The GoBidet 2003C bidet attachment’s water pressure is easily adjustable by moving the lever up and down.  If hot water is connected, turning the knob left and right would adjust the temperature of the water. 

The second lever on the GoBidet moves the shower head from its tucked position to the middle of the toilet.  The shower head is easily hidden away from view when not in use.

While sitting on your toilet, use the horizontal control handle on your GoBidet to move the shower head towards the center of the toilet.

Gently turn on and adjust the water flow by moving the vertical water control lever forward and backwards.

When finished, move the levers to turn off the water and tuck the shower head back into its resting position.


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