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Several of the non-electric bidets at BidetKing.com have warm water capabilities. They come with built-in mixing valves and long flexible supply tubes so they can be hooked up to a nearby hot water source. The closest hot water source in a bathroom is typically under the sink. By connecting the bidet to both hot and cold water, the user can then enjoy warm water cleansing. While having warm water to wash is a big plus, there are also some drawbacks to using warm water with non-electric bidets when compared to electronic bidet seats. First, it complicates installation in that you need to run a long flex tube to your nearest hot water source. Not everyone’s bathroom is setup with a sink nearby. Second, users are at the mercy of how quickly they can get hot water to their faucet. Unlike electronic bidet seats where the warm water is ready to go immediately, non-electric bidets need time before hot water actually arrives.

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