With so many options, choosing the best bidet seat can be a daunting task.  BidetKing.com has stepped in and written this buyer's guide to help you select the best bidet toilet seat attachment for your needs. The questions below reflect some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers when deciding on the best toilet seat bidet. 


What's the best, most advanced bidet toilet seat you carry?

1)  TOTO S550e Washlet - Phenomenal quality, unique features, slimmest/lowest profile design, wash functions could be better for such a high end seat

2)   Bio Bidet BB-2000 High quality, durable construction, strongest water pressure on the market

3)  Novita BH-90/93 - Luxury design with high end finish, advanced water heater, LED night light, auto open/close lid, fantastic quality


What's the best bidet toilet seat for under $600?

1)  Alpha JX  - Great value, packed with features like tankless water heating, sittable lid, aluminum nozzle and strong warranty. Winner of several independent editorial awards

2) Brondell Swash 1400 - High quality construction, everything it does - it does very well, great reliability and durability 


What's the best bidet toilet seat for under $400?

1)  Alpha iX Hybrid - High quality seat at an entry level price. Fully loaded with endless warm water. Hands down the best value on the market.

2) Alpha GXR WaveExcellent package of sleek design and strong spray perofrmance. The GXR Wave is rising rapidly in the ranks.

3)  Clean Sense dib-1500R - Packed with features like inline water heater and large lcd screen remote.



What's your best selling electronic bidet toilet seat attachment?

1)  Bio Bidet BB-2000  - Great luxury bidet seat, strong water pressure, enema function, highly reliable

2)  Alpha JX  - High end features for under $400, great overall value

3)  Brondell Swash 1400 - Everything it does, it does very well, great quality and durability


Which product has the best enema function and spray pressure?

1)  Bio Bidet BB-2000 High quality, durable construction, very strong spray pressure

2)  Bio Bidet BB-1000 - Strongest spray on the market, effective enema function, solid build quality. 



Toilet Fitment Guide

Is your toilet compatible with the bidet seat you want? 90% of residential toilets work just fine, but some 1 piece toilets cause issues for bidet toilet seats.

Installation Guide

Installing a bidet seat is often easy enough for DIY installation. Check our guide to see if you can handle it or would need to hire a service professional.


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