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Non-Electric Bidet Attachments: Features and Functions

Non-electric bidet attachments can be simple and affordable hygiene solutions.  This article highlights some common features and functions of the non-electric bidet toilet attachments available on the market today. 

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What can cold water only bidet attachments do?

Bidet models: Bio Bidet BB-70 , Bio Bidet Elite 3 , Brondell FreshSpa Easy

The majority of non-electric bidet attachments are cold water only.  They simply connect to the shut-off valve next to your toilet and provide ample water pressure to clean you thoroughly.  The most basic of these non-electric bidets provide a single nozzle for rear washing.  Pressure is controlled by a turn-dial control knob.  The Bio Bidet Elite 3 has the added benefit of dual nozzles which provides a front feminine wash as well.  

What about the Brondell CleanSpa Hand Held Sprayer?

Bidet models: Brondell CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet Sprayer , Brondell Clean Spa Luxury Hand Held Bidet Sprayer , Brondell Hot / Cold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit

The Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayers can be easily installed on all 1-piece and 2-piece toilets and are not limited by the shape of a toilet.  Just hook it up to the cold water source and it'll work just like a shower head.  Want to be able to use warm water?  The Brondell Hot / Cold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit allows you to draw warm water from the sink (or a warm water source nearby), providing a more comfortable spray during those cold winter days.

What about the non-electric bidet attachments that have a hot water hookup?

Bidet models: Bio Bidet BB-250 , Brondell FreshSpa Dual

The non-electric bidets that have both hot and cold water hookups allow users to experience warm water cleansing without electricity.  The closest hot water source is typically a nearby sink.  The Bio Bidet BB-250 and Brondell FreshSpa Dual both feature a warm water wash with dual nozzles for front and rear cleansing.  These units feature 3 control knobs - one controls the temperature, one controls the spray pressure, and one selects which nozzle to use.  The control knob that selects which nozzle to use also has a 3rd setting which allows the user to flush the cold water sitting in the supply line before washing.

What the advantages of the non-electric bidets that replace your toilet seat?

Bidet models: Bio Bidet BB-i3000Brondell Ecoseat 100 , Hyundae HB-4000

The non-electric bidets that replace your toilet seat have the added benefit of being integrated into a single unit.  Bidet attachments that install underneath your existing seat can sometimes cause the toilet seat to be off-balance or bend in the middle.  Bidets like the Bio Bidet BB-i3000 and Brondell Ecoseat 100 don't have that problem since they replace your entire seat.  The Bio Bidet BB-i3000 has hot and cold water hookups and is also the only non-electric bidet that offers an enema function and a built-in soap reservoir.  The Brondell Ecoseat 100 is a cold water only bidet seat that offers front and rear cleansing, but is also much slimmer, lower profile than others on the market.

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