What Bidet Toilet Seats Will Fit a Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet?

The Kohler Santa Rosa is a popular 1 piece toilet with a nice design.  However, it's size and shape present a few challenges for bidet toilet seats.

Diagram depicting the toilet's measurements

Bidet toilet seats generally come in two available sizes, round or elongated.  Choosing the right size depends on the shape of your toilet bowl.  Toilet bowls are also sold in two main sizes, either round front or elongated front.  Aside from comfort, it’s a space issue that affects smaller bathroom setups as elongated toilets extend about 29.5” while round toilets extend about 27.5”. 

Kohler Santa Rosa toilet

Recently, toilet manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard have come out with a new style of toilet known as compact elongated.  Compact elongated toilets provide the comfort of an elongated bowl, but fit into the space of a round front toilet. 

diagram of compact elongated, elongated, and round toilet side by side comparison

The Kohler Santa Rosa is the most popular of these new compact elongated style toilets.  While they are great for users with compact bathrooms, toilets like the Kohler Santa Rosa make choosing the right sized bidet toilet seat trickier.


Which Bidet Seat Models Will Fit?

Because the Kohler Santa Rosa has such limited space between the toilet seat bolt holes and the front of the toilet tank, we can only confirm that the Alpha JX, Alpha UX Pearl and Blooming NB-R1063 will fit for sure. The Santa Rosa will just barely have exactly enough room behind the bolts to fit the Alpha JX, UX Pearl or Blooming mounting bracket.


How Well Do They Fit in the Elongated Size?

The Alpha JX and Blooming NB-R1063 are about 20.8” in total length from the rear of the unit to the front.  This works perfectly for regular elongated toilet bowls because they generally have about 21-22” of bowl space to utilize.  Since compact elongated toilets like the Kohler Santa Rosa are meant to fit into the space of a round, there’s only about 20” of bowl space available. 

Mounting the Alpha JX and Blooming NB-R1063 onto a Kohler Santa Rosa will result in about 1” of overhang in the front of the bowl.  This means that the toilet seat will extend past the front lip of the toilet bowl by about 3/4”.  The bidet seat will still function 100% properly, but the bit of overhang is something users should be aware of before purchasing.  At BidetKing.com, we want our customers to know this before they purchase to avoid any surprises.  

The Alpha UX Pearl has a slightly shorter overall length of 20.4".  As a result, the fit is almost perfect on the Santa Rosa with just a slight overhang in the front.  Of all the bidet seats we've tested, the UX Pearl presents the most ideal fitment on this difficult toilet. 

Kohler Santa Rosa top view
Should I Go with a Round Size Instead?

Round bidet toilet seats are about 19.4” in total length.  They work great for round front toilets that generally have about 19-20” of bowl surface to utilize.  It makes sense that compact elongated toilet bowls fit within this range with 19.75” of workable space. 

However, the fit on the Kohler Santa Rosa for the round sized Alpha JX/Blooming is not ideal because the toilet seat will be shorter than the bowl.  The protruding bowl and smaller seating area make the round size a poor choice for the Santa Rosa.


Compact elongated toilets like the Kohler Santa Rosa solve space problems when dealing with small bathroom setups As a result, we can only confirm that the Alpha JXAlpha UX Pearl and Blooming NB-R1063 will fit for sure.  The compact nature of its design complicates matters when trying to pick the right sized bidet seat.  The Alpha JX and Blooming will fit and function well with a roughly 3/4" overhang in front. The Alpha UX Pearl will have a more ideal fit with less overhang.