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The Alpha iX Pure from Alpha Bidet is an ultra slim, value packed bidet toilet seat that's focused on pure bidet performance.  This no-nonsense bidet seat has the same build quality and performance as luxury class models, but with all excess fat trimmed.  The iX Pure represents the pure essence of what a high performance bidet seat can be, at an entry level price.  

The iX Pure is available in Elongated and Round sizes and fits 2 piece toilets and some 1 piece toilets that do not have an aggressive French curve design.  

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Pure Bidet Performance

Built around a highly efficient, Japanese-made tankless heating module, the Alpha iX Pure produces an effective cleansing spray with consistent temperatures.  Adjustable to 5 levels of pressure and temperature, the spray is aerated for comfort, yet strong enough to fully cleanse with a single cycle.  The warm air dryer is also capable of 5 levels of drying temperatures.

The iX Pure features Alpha Bidet's exclusive EASY WASH function that performs an oscillating rear wash at full spray pressure, with a single button press. It also possesses the ability to execute an automatic washing and drying cycle with a single command. Its heated seat is adjustable and for convenience, the iX Pure has a simple auxiliary button panel near its angled supply hose that can execute basic functions without the remote control. If you're seeking a quality bidet seat that's focused on what bidet seats do best, the iX Pure has arrived.

Modern, Minimalist Design 

At just 4.5" tall in the rear, the Alpha iX Pure fits beautifully in the modern bidet seat landscape.  Its low profile, unibody lid drapes slightly over the seat to create a minimalistic aesthetic without the bulk other bidet seats.  Beyond its sleek appearance, the iX Pure is built to last with a sittable lid and durable construction supporting up to 320lbs.

A striking, blue LED nightlight - a hallmark of Alpha Bidet's iX lineage - illuminates the bowl. And thanks to its ambient light sensor, the LED can be programmed to automatically turn on when the bathroom is dark. The Alpha iX Pure's wireless remote control is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use.  It features large functional buttons with clear symbols and comes with a convenient wall mount.

Full Feature List

  • Tankless heating for endless warm water
  • Blue LED nightlight w/ ambient light sensor
  • Stainless steel, arced nozzle
  • Rear wash
  • Front feminine wash
  • EASY WASH shortcut function
  • Adjustable spray pressure and temp
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Nozzle oscillation and pulse modes
  • Warm air dryer w/ adjustable temp
  • Heated seat w/ adjustable temp
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Slow close seat and lid
  • Sittable lid
  • Manual nozzle cleaning function
  • Power saving economy modes


The iX Pure fits Elongated and Round 2 piece toilets and some 1 piece toilets that do not have a French curve design.  It requires just 1.4" of space between the bolt holes and the toilet tank, which makes it an excellent fit for compact toilets like the Kohler Santa Rosa or Glacier Bay N2420.

To determine what type of toilet you have, please consult the Bidet Toilet Seat Fitment Guide.  





The Alpha iX Pure has gone through rigorous independent laboratory testing and received quality certifications for both commercial and residential applications. 

  • In compliance with the following code(s): Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), National Plumbing Code of Canada
  • In compliance with the following standard(s): ASME A112.4.2-2015/CSA B45.16-15 (R2020), UL 1431, 3rd Edition, CSA C22.2 No. 68-18, CSA C22.2 No. 64-19 


What's Included?

- (1) Metal 7/8" T-Valve
- (1) Bidet Seat Supply Hose
- (2) Top Mounting Bolts w/ Brackets
- (1) Mounting Plate
- (1) Wireless Remote


Alpha iX Pure User and Install Manual
Alpha iX Pure Remote Control Manual


The Alpha iX Pure is covered by a 1 year full manufacturer's warranty that covers 100% of parts and labor costs from the date of purchase. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Triest
Made life better

I purchased this bidet seat for my mother who is 87 years old and has many health problems. She has severe arthritis in her shoulders and once I taught her how to use it, she says it has changed her life for the better. I have had one for years now and have been after her to get one for quite some time but she is quite said in her ways and resistant to change. Thank you for making my mother's life and independence possible ❤️

Elaine Anderson
Love it 💞

Everything you can ask for and more!

James Foose
Great product

Easy to set up, easy to use and performs beautifully! Very happy with it

Will Jordan
Nice features reasonable price

We have a jx model and bought this for our second bath. The alpha performs we but we actually like the jx model functions better . The new alpha is more attractive and sleek if that’s important. Both do the job.

Michael Zionts

Just recieved this awesome bidet and got it all set up! All I can say is wow! For the price point you’re getting it’s a steal. The unlimited warm water and the strong water pressure alone fetches $400+ from competitors. I really enjoy the easy wash and the auto wash/ dry setting. These make it easy to use the bidet without needing to press a bunch of buttons which comes in handy in the middle of the night. Great price and great manufactor

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