Top 5 Most Used Features On A Bidet Seat

Bidets have evolved significantly over the years, transforming from standalone units to modernized toilet seats with a multitude of features that cater to users' diverse needs. With increased interest in hygiene and a growing awareness of environmental sustainability, bidets are becoming increasingly popular in homes around the world. Among the myriad of features modern bidet seats offer, there are five that stand out as the most used and appreciated. In this article we will discuss these features and why they are the most used features on a bidet seat.

Rear Wash

The rear wash function is the primary and most commonly used feature on a bidet seat. Designed for posterior cleansing, this feature offers a targeted stream of water to provide thorough cleaning after toilet use. Most advanced bidets offer adjustable water temperature and pressure settings, ensuring that users have a comfortable and personalized experience. The rear wash promotes better hygiene, decreases the reliance on toilet paper, and is especially beneficial for individuals with physical challenges or those seeking a deeper cleanse.

It is important to note however that not all rear washes are built the same. Some models will have a stronger spray pressure while others will offer a wide spray function. Be sure to read over the specifications of each model to learn of their spray pressures. You can also refer to our comparison chart for a more detailed breakdown of features associated with a bidet’s spray function.

Front Feminine Wash

Prioritizing women's health and hygiene, the front feminine wash is a dedicated function that caters specifically to the needs of women. This feature offers a gentler, wider stream of water to cleanse the frontal area, making it especially useful during menstruation, pregnancy, or postpartum periods. It also aids in reducing infections, irritations, and ensures optimum feminine hygiene.

Most modern electric bidet seats will come with a front feminine wash, though as mentioned previously with the rear wash, not all models will have the same pressure intensity. Again, we recommend referring to the specifications of a particular bidet to gain better insight as to the strength of a bidet’s front feminine wash spray. 

Warm Air Dryer

After the cleansing process, the warm air dryer feature in bidets provides a hands-free drying solution. It blows warm air to gently dry the wet area, eliminating the need for toilet paper or towels, which can be abrasive on the skin. Moreover, this feature is environmentally friendly as it reduces the consumption of paper products. For users, it adds a touch of luxury and convenience to the entire process.

Due to the possibility of spreading germs in and around the toilet bowl, most warm air dryers are not designed with power in mind. This is why most users find that in order to achieve a complete dry after a rear wash cycle, 2-3 cycles of the warm air dryer is required. 

Heated Seat

The heated seat feature is a godsend, especially during chilly mornings or colder months. This feature ensures that users always have a warm and comfortable seat to sit on, enhancing the overall toilet experience. Some bidet seats come equipped with adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to customize the warmth to their preference. In addition to the comfort factor, a heated seat can also provide therapeutic relief for conditions like hemorrhoids or muscle soreness.

Nozzle Oscillation

For those looking for a more thorough cleanse, the nozzle oscillation feature is invaluable. Instead of a static stream of water, the nozzle oscillates, or moves back and forth, providing a wider cleaning area. This dynamic motion ensures that every nook and cranny is effectively cleansed. Additionally, many users find the oscillating spray to be more comfortable and soothing than a static one, making it a favored choice for many.


The rise in popularity of bidet seats globally is a testament to the benefits they offer in terms of hygiene, convenience, and environmental sustainability. The features discussed above highlight just how far this once-simple fixture has come. From precise cleansing options like rear and feminine wash to the luxury of a warm air dryer and heated seat, the modern bidet is a convergence of technology and comfort. And with nozzle oscillation thrown into the mix, users get a comprehensive and unparalleled cleansing experience. As more people discover these benefits, it's safe to predict that the bidet's presence in bathrooms worldwide will only continue to grow.