How to Change the Size/Shape of Your Bidet Seat

Are you looking to change the size/shape of your bidet seat? In need of replacing your bidet seat or maybe you’re looking to convert your bidet seat from an elongated to a round or vice versa? Whatever your reason, changing the size/shape of your bidet seat or replacing the seat portion of your bidet is possible.  With the right guidance, you can easily and affordably update your bidet seat, without the need to purchase a whole new bidet unit. In this article, we will discuss how and why you may need to change the shape of your bidet seat or the reasons one might need to replace the seat portion of the bidet. We will walk you through the steps and tools you will need to do such a conversion/replacement and the benefits of opting for this method over purchasing a whole new bidet unit.

Reasons to change or replace the size/shape of your bidet seat 

There are a multitude of reasons why a customer may want to change the size of their bidet seat. One common reason is moving the bidet seat onto a different sized toilet bowl. That is to say, moving an elongated bidet seat onto a round sized toilet bowl or vice versa. Many customers can find themselves in this situation when moving from one home to another. Their new restroom may have a different sized toilet bowl in which their current bidet will not fit. 

Some customers are needing to change the size/shape of their bidet seat when purchasing a new toilet that is in a different size than their original toilet i.e. replacing a round toilet for an elongated toilet. 

Another reason can stem from your bidet seat being damaged. A large crack or dent on your bidet seat can jeopardize its integrity and as such, will need replacing. In cases like this, some customers will opt to purchase a whole new bidet, but replacing the seat portion of the bidet is much more affordable and much easier than you may think. 

Things to consider when changing or replacing the size/shape of your bidet seat

Before you decide to purchase a replacement seat or new seat size, make sure your current bidet model is still in production. Some older bidet models have been replaced with new and improved models. These newer models may not be compatible with their older counterparts. Some models may even be discontinued, making replacement parts hard to come by. Please check our website to make sure the bidet model you have is still being manufactured. You can also check directly with the manufacturer to see if they still carry replacement parts, such as seat replacements. 

Customers should also be aware that each bidet model will require its own specific replacement seat. One size does NOT fit all. You will need to make sure the bidet seat you are replacing or adding a different size to is the same exact model as the whole bidet seat itself. For example: if you are looking to replace the seat portion of your Alpha iX bidet, you will need to make sure you purchase a replacement seat that is specifically for the Alpha iX and not the Alpha JX or Alpha UX Pearl. This applies to all other bidet models as well.

Do I need to change both the seat and lid?

If switching between seat sizes, yes, you will need to replace the lid as well. This is due to the incompatibility of two different sized seats and lids. A  lid designed for a round seat will not fit with an elongated seat and vice versa.

However, if you are simply replacing your seat with a seat of the same size, then there is no need to replace the lid as well.

How to change or replace your bidet’s size/shape

To remove the seat and lid portion of your bidet you will need a flat head screwdriver, Philip's head screwdriver and a large, flat surface to lay the bidet on. 

*NOTE* The instructions below are general guidelines. Some models will have variations in the steps needed to perform these tasks. Be sure to unplug your bidet seat from the electrical outlet, shut-off the water supply, and remove it from the toilet before proceeding.

* If you are only replacing the seat portion of your bidet with one of the same size, you can disregard the lid replacement portion and move to the seat replacement section.

  • You will first want to remove the lid to your bidet. Do this by locating the slow close damper or hinge on the side of the lid. The damper is usually black and you will feel more resistance on this side as you open and close the lid.
  • Next, pry the lid outward on the side that’s opposite the damper.  You want to disengage the pin from the socket on the lid. This will allow you to fully remove the lid from the bidet seat. 
  • Now you can install your new lid. Do this by attaching the damper end of the lid first by inserting the damper pin into the lid socket. Attach the opposite side of the lid by prying it outward until it slips back into the pin. 

With your new lid installed, you can now begin to remove the seat portion of your bidet.

  • Locate and remove the screws holding the bidet’s upper and lower housing together. Locate the plastic tabs and pry them open with a flat head screwdriver
  • Once you have all screws removed and have pried open the housing tabs, you can separate the lower housing from the upper housing. This will allow you access to the internals of the bidet housing. 
  • Locate and unplug the wiring harnesses for the seat. Please be mindful of where each wiring harness connects to as you will need to reconnect them later. 
  • Next, remove the seat hinge or damper located in the upper housing by removing the screws holding it in place. Be sure to remember the orientation of the damper pin as you will need to reinstall it in its proper position. 
  • Now you can remove the seat portion of your bidet from the upper housing, being careful to guide the wire harnesses through the hole located on the housing. 

With the old seat off, you can begin to install your new bidet seat. 

  • Working backwards, guide the wire harnesses on your new seat through the socket hole. 
  • Next, reinstall the damper back into its slot, making sure to orient the damper pin in the right position.          
  • You can now reconnect the seat’s wire harnesses, making sure to connect them in the same way as before. 
  • Lastly, reattach both housing portions together by firmly pressing down on them until you feel the tabs click into place. Finally, replace the screws you removed earlier. 

Now you can enjoy your bidet seat featuring a new seat and lid!

If you need a more detailed, visual guide, you can watch our video showing you step by step how to replace your bidet’s seat!