Bidet Seat Misconceptions: Splashbacks

A common question many first time bidet buyers ask is “do bidets splash poop everywhere?” The answer is quite simply - no! It’s easy to understand why some first time buyers would be worried about such a situation, but here at BidetKing, our bidets are designed with hygiene and comfort as top priorities. 

All bidet seat models on the BidetKing website are designed in a way that eliminates the chance of poop splashing around the bowl. This is done by designing the nozzle at an angle which directs any ricochet towards the bottom of the toilet bowl. Contrary to popular belief, the spray nozzle is not directly underneath you when you sit. Instead, it’s behind you and sprays at a forward and upward angle. Some bidet seats like the Alpha UX Pearl have a specially curved nozzle design that angles away from the user to further prevent splash back.

The spray stream coming out of the nozzle is focused “on the bullseye” and does a great job of cleaning while reducing any chance of solids being splashed around the bowl. Again, contrary to popular belief, it’s not a huge firehose amount of water that’s being sprayed. A direct, concentrated stream of water shoots out of the nozzle, effectively cleans you, and then falls down into the water below without creating a mess. They’ve got it down to a science. 

Of course, sitting on the bidet seat in a proper manner is essential to preventing any fecal splash back. Sitting as far back as possible on the bidet seat is important so that the water stream hits the correct spot and then falls down into the water below.