Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Deodorizers

Did you know that many high end electric bidet toilet seats have a deodorizer feature? This useful feature cuts down on any odors that may arise while you’re doing your business on the toilet. A deodorizer is not a scented fragrance that covers smells, but rather a fan that pulls air from the toilet bowl and out through a carbon (or heat) based filter that neutralizes unpleasant smells. 

This feature can be turned on or off and is generally an automatic feature that activates when a user sits on their bidet seat. Unfortunately, lower end bidet seats do not have a deodorizer feature or any features that help neutralize odors. As such, we highly recommend opting for a bidet seat that includes a deodorizer as this useful feature adds to the full, luxury bidet experience. 

Deodorizer features don’t completely eliminate all odors, but they definitely help reduce them. Many customers find that once they get used to a bidet seat with a deodorizer, it is hard to go back to one without it. It really is a great feature to have!