Best Bidets for Vacation Homes

Having a bidet seat installed at home is a life changing experience. One of the drawbacks? Not wanting to use the toilet away from home.  For folks that spend part of the year at a vacation home, installing a bidet seat there is a MUST. The benefits and overall enhanced experience of using a bidet can make your stay at your vacation home that much better. With that being said, there are some bidet toilet seat models that will be better suited for a vacation home vs others. In this article we will discuss which bidet seat models/types we recommend, why these are the better options and how you can best utilize these bidets to enhance your vacation home experience. 

What is Considered a ‘Vacation Home’? 

A vacation home can be any place of residence used for a few weeks to a few months out of the year. These can range from a cozy townhouse, a condo by the beach, or a mansion in the woods.  Owners may choose to split their time during the year between their permanent residence and their vacation home, depending on the weather.  The homes may even be rented out by the homeowner when not in use. Otherwise, these secondary homes may sit empty and unoccupied for long periods of time. 

Tankless Water Heating Bidets vs Tank Type Water Heating Bidets. Which is Best for a Vacation Home?

In the electronic bidet world, there are two main methods of heating the water supply. One is using a tank type water heating system and the other, more efficient, method is a tankless water heating system. For a vacation home, we highly recommend a bidet seat with a tankless water heating system. With a tankless type, you will not have to worry about draining any internal water tank, as you would with a bidet containing a water tank heating system. Draining the internal water tank is essential on tank type water heating bidets if and when the bidet is to be left alone and unused for a prolonged period of time; think 2-3 weeks plus. Leaving a bidet’s internal water tank filled with standing water for a prolonged period of time can, though very unlikely, lead to mold and mildew growth. Although, we have never had a case where mold or mildew developed inside a properly maintained bidet's water tank, out of an abundance of caution, we still recommend draining said tank. 

The benefit of opting for a tankless bidet model over a tank type model is the bypassing of any need to drain the tank. All you would need to do, when leaving your vacation home for a prolonged period of time, is to simply unplug the bidet. As an added precaution, we would also recommend shutting off the water at the angle stop next to the toilet. 

Bidet Models We Recommend

There are a plethora of great bidet models to choose from at BidetKing. But there are some models that will work best in a vacation home. Let’s break down which models we recommend:

  • Alpha UX Pearl: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, slim profile, sleek design, wireless remote control, user presets, bowl sanitizer. 
  • Alpha JX: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, slim profile, wireless remote control, compatible with almost all toilet bowls. 
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLS: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, slim profile, sleek design, wireless remote control, automatic seat and lid.
  • TOTO S550e/S500e: Tankless water heater, eWater+, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, automatic seat and lid.. 
  • Brondell Swash 1400: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, user presets.


Choosing the right type and model is essential when considering installing an electric bidet in your vacation home. Although installing a tank type, or hybrid model, bidet can work, a tankless model is the preferred choice. Owners of vacation homes will appreciate not having to worry about draining the internal tank when leaving the vacation home unoccupied for a prolonged period of time. We understand that, in the process of packing up one's belongings for the trip back home, forgetting to turn off certain appliances can happen or, in the case of a bidet containing an internal water tank, draining said tank. The ease of mind knowing there is no tank to drain in your bidet will add to a stress free trip back home.