Bidet Seat Misconception #2: Bidet Seats Are Only for 'Rich People'

Many people, unfamiliar with bidet seats, are under the belief that bidet seats are only available to folks with a lot of money. That bidet seats are a foreign, high priced luxury investment only available to those of great wealth. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! Here at BidetKing we believe everyone should be able to own and enjoy a well made and comfortable bidet seat, irrespective of one's occupation or wealth.

Although there are models available that carry a hefty price tag (think north of $1,000) there are many bidet seat models that are extremely affordable. These affordable models are not lacking in comfort or build quality and include features such as a warm air dryer, heated seat, warm water, soft close seat/lid and LED night lights. Customer’s will also enjoy the savings they get from reducing their toilet paper usage by roughly 80%. These savings can eventually outweigh the cost of the bidet seat itself! If you’re really on a tight budget, there are even some non-electric bidet models that are under $100! Below is a list of some great models for those looking to acquaint themselves in the luxury bidet world, without breaking the bank.  


Voted CNN’s Underscored Best Overall Bidet for two consecutive years, the Alpha JX is one of the most popular models on the BidetKing website. Features include on demand, unlimited warm water, heated seat, warm air dryer, soft close seat/lid, LED night light, and much more. 

The iX Hybrid consistently makes our top selling bidets list and has a ton of features. Unlimited, on demand warm water, heated seat, warm air dryer, soft close seat/lid and many more! 

A customer favorite, the Alpha GX Wave gives you many features one would expect from a luxury bidet seat but at a very affordable price. Features include a heated seat, warm air dryer, soft close seat/lid, warm water, a sittable lid, and more.

The Bio Bidet BB-70 is one of our most popular non-electric bidet models. A simple, straightforward model for those looking for a reliable cleaning experience.