Best Tankless Bidets

Tankless heating bidet seats are some of the most popular bidets at Compared to a tank-type or hybrid heating bidet model, tankless bidet seats are consistently top sellers and include some of the most feature rich and advanced features on the market today. In this article we will break down what exactly a tankless heating bidet seat is, how it is different from a tank-type or hybrid bidet, the benefits of tankless heating, and which models we recommend. So, what exactly is a tankless bidet? 

Tankless Bidet Seats vs Tank Type/Hybrid Models

When talking about tankless, tank, and hybrid bidets, we’re referring to the bidet seat’s internal water heating mechanism.  Electric bidet seats hook up to your home’s cold water supply and heat up the water internally for a comfortable warm water spray.  Bidet seats accomplish this in a few different ways. 

Tankless bidet seats, as the name implies, heat the incoming water supply on-demand, without an internal water tank. The heater is idle until a user begins a wash cycle, at which point the bidet will pump and heat the water spray together. In contrast, most entry level/budget friendly bidets will contain a small water reservoir or tank that it keeps heated. Most tank-type bidets will hold enough water to give you around 30-40 seconds of warm water per wash. After that, the warm water in the tank will be depleted and the spray temperature will cool down. Users will have to let the tank re-heat, which usually takes about 5 minutes, in order to have access to warm water again. Tankless bidets do not have this limitation and can provide endless warm water since they heat the water on-demand.  Hybrid heating type bidet seats have small internal reservoirs but also have the ability to continuously heat - a combination or 'hybrid’ of tank and tankless.

Benefits of a Tankless Bidet Seat

The benefit of a tankless bidet seat is having access to unlimited, on demand warm water. Users can enjoy a warm water wash cycle without having to worry about their warm water supply running out. Another benefit stems from the fact that, without needing the extra space to house an internal water tank, tankless bidet seats are much slimmer and sleeker looking than tank type or hybrid bidet models. Users can enjoy a more flush, sleeker looking model that can nicely fit atop your toilet. Energy conservation and efficiency is another selling point for tankless bidet models. Due to not needing an internal tank to constantly keep heated, a tankless bidet seat will only heat up the water when a wash cycle is activated. This saves energy and is much more environmentally friendly. 

Tankless Bidet Models We Recommend

There are many tankless bidet seats currently available today. From well established powerhouses such as TOTO to rising stars like Alpha Bidet, the wide selection of tankless bidets available at can be a little overwhelming. But not to fret, there are a few models we believe are ahead of the curve and stand out amongst the crowd. Here is a list of models of those models and the features included in these bidets.


  • Best Tankless Bidet Seat Money Can Buy
  •      -  TOTO S550e Washlet 

    The TOTO S550e Washlet is regarded by many as the most luxurious bidet model currently available on the market. With an emphasis on comfort and luxury, the S550e is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. The S550e Washlet has a sleek, contemporary design and also includes an automatic open/close seat and lid, LED night light, automatic air deodorizer, premist function, user presets, and TOTO’s eWater+ feature.

    Along with these features, customers will also find standard features such as a warm air dryer, heated seat, on demand, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, and 2 user presets. Customers looking for the best of the best in the bidet industry should look no further than the TOTO S550e.


  • Most Advanced Tankless Bidet Seat
  •      - Alpha UX Pearl

    The Alpha UX Pearl is the newest model in the Alpha Bidet line. This luxury bidet is not only one of slimmest models on the market, but it also has some of the most advanced features available to customers. These features include a photocatalyst deodorizer that neutralizes unpleasant smells. It also has the benefit of not needing a cartridge to be replaced, like some other deodorizers.

    The UX Pearl also has an industry exclusive Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer which utilizes an air plasma generator to sanitize and freshen your toilet bowl between uses by circulating ion particles. This significantly cuts down on odors and bacteria inside your bowl.

    The UX Pearl utilizes an arc shaped stainless steel nozzle. This uniquely curved, self cleaning stainless steel nozzle minimizes any chance of contamination and splash-back while also providing a better reach during a front wash cycle. 

    Lastly, the UX Pearl has 2 user presets that allow users to save up to two user profiles. These user profiles save the spray pressure, nozzle position, and temperature settings. Along with these advanced features, the UX Pearl also has standard features such as  a warm air dryer, heated seat, on demand, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, and 2 user presets.


  • Most Hygienic Bidet Seat 
  •      - Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

    The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is the newest luxury bidet seat from Bio Bidet. It is one of the slimmest models available on the market and, along with having standard features like a warm air dryer and heated seat, the DLS Discovery also has a unique UV Sterilization feature. This feature uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the nozzle after each wash cycle, reducing the spread of germs. This is in addition to the nozzle’s self cleaning function that uses water like other bidet seats.

    The Discovery DLS also has a motorized opening/closing seat and lid. This allows users to easily open and close the seat and/or lid with a press of a button. Users also have the option to activate the proximity sensor which will allow the user to open the seat and/or lid by simply walking up to the toilet. This is a great feature for those looking for a true hands free experience.


  • Best Value Tankless Bidet Seat
  •     - Alpha JX 

    Last on our list is the highly awarded Alpha JX. This tankless model has all the features customers will need for the full, luxury bidet seat experience. This model includes on demand, unlimited warm water, warm air dryer, heated seat, wireless remote control, in bowl LED night light, and a one touch wash and dry function. As such, the JX was chosen as the Best Overall Bidet for two years running by the team at CNN underscored (2021 - 2022).

    Coming in at the most affordable price, the Alpha JX does not lack any of the core features one would expect in a high end, luxury bidet. The JX is also one of the most compact bidets on the market and as such, can fit into many smaller size toilets that may otherwise be incompatible with other sized bidets.