The next installment in our bidet reviewseries is the CleanSense dib-1500R.  I’ve had the dib-1500R installed in my bathroom for close to a year now and frankly- I can’t imagine life without it.

The next installment in our bidet reviewseries is the CleanSense dib-1500R.  I’ve had the dib-1500R installed in my bathroom for close to a year now and frankly- I can’t imagine life without it.

The dib-1500R, like with most qualityelectronic bidet seats at the price range, is manufactured in Korea.  It is produced by the Daewon Bidet company in Incheon who has a reputation for building quality bidet seats since 1980.

The main thing to take away from the CleanSense bidet series is its unbelievable value for its price point.  The dib-1500R is currently CleanSense’s flagship bidet seat and is selling for $379.95 at,  If we compare its list of features with other top of the line, remote controlled bidet seats like the Bio-Bidet 1000, INAX Luscence, and Infinity XLC-3000, we see that we are getting a great value.  Its list of features include Adjustable Nozzle Position, Seat Sensor, Seat Warmer, User Presets, Self-Diagnosis, Smart Energy Save, Detachable Main Body for Cleaning, Low Noise Motor Pump, Warm Air Dry, Deodorization, Bubble Wash, Child Settings, Pulse, and Massage Modes.

Installation of the dib-1500R was a snap.  All electronic bidet seats on the market today are pretty much installed the same way and the dib was no exception.  The mounting bracket is bolted on to the toilet mounting holes and the dib-1500R slides on for easy detach-ability.   The cleaning action of the dib-1500R’s aerated stream is nice as well.  The nozzle position and water temperature are easily adjustable and even the massage mode has different settings. The bidet function (feminine cleaning) is also very effective as the nozzle has 4 spray holes for a nice, even wash.

Another feature that sets the dib-1500R apart is the ability to program up to 4 User Presets.  What does this mean? dib1500r remoteWell it’s comparable to luxury car seats that allow drivers to program their seat positions whenever they enter the car.  By setting your user preset, the dib-1500R will automatically adjust the nozzle position, water temperature, and water pressure to your liking once you select your saved preset.  It saves you time and prevents any unpleasant surprises in the case that your spouse enjoys a high pressure, cold wash.

Having used the CleanSense dib-1500R bidet seat for a while now, I’ve also noticed a couple minor drawbacks.  I’m not sure if it’s because my toilet is especially small for a round shaped toilet, but the front lip of the dib-1500R bidet seat hangs slightly over the front edge of my toilet bowl.   It doesn’t cause any issues in terms of function, but it slightly detracts from the bidet’s overall aesthetic appearance.  In contrast, the Bio Bidet BB-800 I reviewed earlier sat perfectly flush on the toilet bowl.  The dib-1500R toilet seat is also a bit ‘light’ in comparison with some other electronic bidet seats.  Although weight doesn’t necessarily denote quality, it’d be nice if the toilet seat itself had a heavier feel to it.  But like I said, the quality is definitely there and I haven’t had any issues with breakage/cracking/malfunctions.

The dib-1500 series also features a neat little blue LED light at the top of the seat.  It’s great as a nightlight when you need to use the bathroom but don’t want to turn on the bathroom lights. If you prefer bidet seats with side control panel over a wireless remote, go for the CleanSense dib-1500 and save $30.  The side panel is sleek and easy to use, but the dib-1500 does not have the ability to set user presets.

Overall, I’d rate the dib-1500R a 9/10 for its unbelievable value as a top of the line bidet seat.  If not for the two drawbacks I listed above, it would’ve gotten a 10.


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