6 of the Biggest Hurdles to Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat

Buying the best bidet toilet seat does require some research and planning, but it’s not as big of a task as it may seem. In this article, we’ll crush these pre-purchase concerns as we explore the 6 biggest hurdles customers face when deciding to buy a bidet seat.


Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet seat shown in a 360 degree view

6 of the Biggest Hurdles to Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat

(and how to overcome them)

At BidetKing.com, the most common phrases you’ll find in our bidet toilet seat customer reviews are “why did I wait so long?!” and “I should’ve bought one years ago”. Once new customers install their first bidet toilet seat and begin enjoying its benefits, they always wonder what took them so long to get one in the first place. Before buying a bidet seat, shoppers will fret over issues like resistance from family members, installation issues, and a seemingly high price tag. After a month of using that new bidet toilet seat? All these issues become minor in hindsight.

Buying the best bidet toilet seat does require some research and planning, but it’s not as big of a task as it may seem. In this article, we’ll crush these pre-purchase concerns as we explore the 6 biggest hurdles customers face when deciding to buy a bidet seat.

1) Resistance from a Spouse or Family Members
“I would love to install a bidet toilet seat, but my husband refuses”
“My wife thinks I’m crazy for considering a bidet”

Many of our customers are forced to hold off buying a bidet seat due to reluctance from their spouse or family members. We certainly understand that these decisions should be mutually agreed upon and we don’t want a bidet of all things to be the cause of family tension. If you find yourself in this position, here’s how to get around it.

We hear stories all the time from happy customers that tell us their previously hesitant spouse has seen the light and now won’t stop raving about the new toilet seat. Bidet seats can be a foreign concept to many people. If your spouse isn’t warming up to the idea of a bidet seat, just tell them to relax - if they don’t press any buttons, it’s just a regular toilet seat. They don’t have to use any of the bidet functions (just enjoy the heated seat) if they don’t want to.

But take it from us, one day they’re going to be curious enough to try it. And when they do, a light bulb is going to turn on inside their minds. It’s the same light bulb that turns on for all bidet users around the world, “wow, this is way better than just wiping with toilet paper”. Once that happens, get ready to fight for bathroom time.

So if you want to buy a bidet toilet seat, but are facing resistance from a spouse of family member, just pull the trigger and know that they’ll come around eventually.

2) Waiting Until a Bathroom Remodel Project
“I’ve been researching bidet seats for months, but my remodel doesn’t start until October - I’ll buy one then”
“I’m changing my toilets out next year, I’ll get a bidet seat then”

A common misconception about bidet toilet seats is that installation is a big arduous process that requires a contractor. Thus, many folks wait to purchase a bidet seat until they begin a large scale bathroom renovation project. However, the remodeling process hardly ever goes smoothly and it could be delayed for weeks, months, or even years. Why wait that long to enjoy using a bidet seat when installation only takes about 20 minutes?

As a matter of fact, installing a bidet toilet seat is quite easy and is not permanent. You can always remove it when a bathroom remodel is being done then reinstall the bidet seat afterwards. You don’t need a contractor to plan out the bidet seat installation process because it simply fits on top of your toilet bowl. It doesn’t require any floor space in your bathroom like traditional fixture type bidets.

Another issue within this realm is the possibility of changing toilets in the future. Maybe you have a round toilet now and want to change to an elongated next year. This can be solved by converting a round sized bidet seat to an elongate sized bidet seat by replacing the seat and lid. They’re not expensive and the conversion process only takes about 20 minutes as well.

So, whether you are planning a bathroom remodel project or plan to change toilets in the future, don’t worry! You can still buy a bidet toilet seat now to start enjoying its benefits and have the flexibility to either move it or convert its size in the future.

3) Not Having an Electrical Outlet Near the Toilet
“There’s no outlet near my toilet, it’s across the sink”
“I don’t want to install a new electrical outlet”

Perhaps the most common hurdle our customers face when buying a bidet toilet seat is not having a convenient electrical outlet near their toilet. News Flash - in North America, it’s very rare for anyone to have an outlet right next to their toilet because builders don’t typically consider this requirement during construction. While it’s becoming a more common request as bidet toilet seats grow in popularity, progress is slow.

Bidet toilet seats need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to operate. This can be a problem as many household bathrooms do not have an electrical outlet readily available near the toilet. The power cords on most bidet seats are about 4ft long, so what should you do if your outlet is farther than that?

The easiest solution is to use an extension cord. Make sure it is a 3 prong extension cord rated to handle at least 1500W. It’s perfectly safe to use an extension so long as you can route the cord safely to prevent tripping over it. Excess cord can be neatly wrapped up behind the toilet tank. There are a few ways to make the cord aesthetically pleasing:

  • Route it through a vanity cabinet
  • Route it along the baseboards and use cable concealing covers or clips
  • Route it underneath a sink’s countertop

Bidet's electric cord being concealed during installation

A more permanent solution is to have an electrician install a new outlet near the toilet. The best place to put the outlet is on the same side where the cord comes out from the bidet seat (varies depending on the model) just underneath the toilet tank. That way you can wrap up and excess cord behind the tank. Having a new electrical outlet installed will vary in cost depending on your home/bathroom setup. It could be a simple 1 hour job if conditions are right or a bigger project if electrical circuits are difficult to access.

What’s our best suggestion if an electrical outlet is stopping you from buying a bidet toilet seat? Start with an extension cord so you can at least start using the bidet seat. Once you fall in love with it, you can then decide to have a new outlet put in as you’ll find the cost well worth it.

A permanent fix to this problem would just be hiring an electrician to install an outlet next to your toilet. Many customers resort to this solution after they had a chance to use a bidet utilizing an extension cord initially and found that installing a new outlet was well worth it.

4) Installation is Too Difficult
“I don’t want to hire a plumber”
“I’m not sure I can install this myself”

Piggybacking from the previous hurdles, installing a bidet toilet seat can be pretty simple. Though it may seem intimidating at first, if you are relatively handy or know someone who is, it is actually very easy to install (and uninstall if necessary) and doesn’t require a plumber. If you have a compatible toilet, the whole installation process should only take about 20 minutes for someone who is relatively handy. There’s only 1 connection to the water supply and just two bolts which hold its mounting hardware to the toilet bowl. No special tools required.

Here is a video that explains the entire process of installing a bidet seat:

5) Too Expensive
“I should spend hundreds on a new toilet seat”
“I can’t afford $1,000”

Another hurdle that customers face when buying a bidet toilet seat is justifying the price. A good quality bidet seat will cost anywhere from $200 - $1000. If you think of it only as a toilet seat, it’s difficult to wrap your head around spending that kind of money on a product that isn’t essential in everyday life. However, when you begin to consider the fact that bidet seats are appliances that will be used every day, multiple times a day, often by multiple people in the household, the cost begins to make sense. After all, how much do you spend on a washer and dryer that you only use once a week?

These days, it’s possible to find lower cost bidet toilet seats that are still of great quality. For example, the Alpha iX Hybrid is a great seat which comes with all of the key features that higher end bidet seats have at a price point (under $300) that is perfect for new bidet users. Good quality bidet toilet seats have a lifespan of 6-9 years and any experienced bidet user will you tell - they really become a necessity.

If the cost of a bidet toilet seat is still preventing you from buying one, consider this: using a bidet seat will drastically reduce your toilet paper usage by about 80% (conservatively). How much does your household spend each year on toilet paper? After a few years, your bidet seat will essentially pay for itself.

6) Too Many Options to Choose From
“There’s so many different models, how can I decide?”
“What’s the difference between Model A and Model B?”

When you decide that you want to buy a bidet toilet seat and begin researching, it can seem like a daunting task when you see so many different brands and models. How can you choose the bidet seat that’s best for you? Here at BidetKing, we certainly understand that this can be a difficult choice. We don’t believe that there is 1 perfect bidet seat that is best for everyone. Every user has different needs and preferences and the “best bidet” for Sally in Florida will look a lot different than the “best bidet” for Tom in Nevada.
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