5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Bidet

There are many reasons why one should consider getting a bidet seat. From the conveniences a bidet offers to the long list of features it comes with, a bidet seat is a worthwhile investment. For those who are new to the world of bidet seats and are unsure if they should get one, this article will, hopefully, give you some insight as to the benefits a bidet seat can offer and the reasons why you should consider getting one. So, let's get started. 

Reason #1: A Bidet Cleans You Better than Toilet Paper

It should be of no surprise to learn that water does a much better job of cleaning a dirty booty than toilet paper or wet wipes ever could. Just think about it; if you were to get some fecal matter on your hands, would you be content with merely using a paper towel to wipe it off and then go about your day? For the sake of one's personal hygiene and the hygiene of society as a whole, we would hope not. Well, that is essentially what we do when we use toilet paper to clean ourselves after a bowel movement. 

Toilet paper does a poor job of actually cleaning as it merely smears things around. And sure, wet wipes can do a better job of cleaning residue but they are still abrasive and are awful for plumbing and septic systems. Enter - a bidet seat. With its sufficiently powerful cleansing spray, a bidet seat can wash you completely after a bowel movement and leave you feeling clean and fresh. Think of it like a shower for your booty. Bidet seats also have front feminine washes that can clean a woman after she has finished using the toilet, during menstrual cycles, and pre/post-partum.

Reason #2: A Bidet Can Also Dry You

Not only can a bidet seat effectively and efficiently clean you but they can also dry you too! All electric bidet seats have a built-in warm air dryer that can be utilized immediately after a rear or front wash cycle. Most users find that 2-4 minutes of using the warm air dryer is sufficient to achieve a fully dry bum. If that’s too long for you, you can always use a small amount of toilet paper to pat dry. 

Reason #3: You’ll Save Money Not Needing to Buy as Much Toilet Paper

It’s no secret that buying toilet paper, especially for a large family, can become expensive real quick. In our previous article we discussed how the average American spends around $200 on toilet paper every year. This amounts to around $11,000 throughout the course of a person's life. A further $9,000 is spent on wet wipes. 

A bidet seat can significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper used by a person and thus, reduce the amount of money spent on said toilet paper. It's not hard to see how a $400 bidet seat can pay for itself over the course of only a couple of years. Some users can even completely eliminate the need for toilet paper altogether by utilizing their bidet seats built in a warm air dryer. 

Reason #4: Bidets are Better for the Environment 

As mentioned above, using a bidet seat reduces the amount of toilet paper and wet wipes one uses. This can have a profound and positive impact on the environment. The more people who use bidet seats means less dependence on toilet paper which, in turn, means less trees being cut down and less trash piling up at landfills. 

Water as a method of cleansing is much more effective, efficient, and cost effective than toilet paper or wet wipes. It’s no understatement when we say that investing in a bidet seat can save you some serious cash down the line!

Reason #5: They Look Great 

The fifth reason why you should get a bidet seat is the simple fact that they look great on almost any toilet. Gone are the days when bidet seats were only available in large and bulky sizes. Modern bidet seats and those found on our website are sleek, slim, and beautifully designed works of engineering. You have a long list of models to choose from ranging from slim, minimalist designs to sleek, futuristic looking models. 

Installing a modern bidet seat in your bathroom can transform it from an outdated 20th century style bathroom to a modern and stylish 21st century bathroom.