Besides improving hygiene, some bidet toilet seats have the ability to provide relief to constipation sufferers with an enema function.   An enema is the practice of introducing liquids into the colon and rectum through the anus.  Doing so causes an expansion of the lower intestinal tract, resulting in a “I need to go now” sensation for the user.  The purpose of an enema is to cause a complete evacuation of the lower intestinal tract and provide relief to users who have trouble with bowel movements.

close up of the bliss nozzle enema function water stream

How does a bidet seat’s enema function work?

Unlike a traditional enema where a nozzle/syringe is inserted into the anus, a bidet’s enema function is much less intrusive.  It involves an extra strong, narrow stream of water that sprays from the bidet’s wash nozzle.  The nozzle itself never touches you, but the water stream is forceful enough to introduce a small amount of water into the colon / rectum.  The bidet toilet seat with enema function will also have nozzle positioning and water pressure controls that you can customize to suit your needs.  It may take a bit of practice to figure out the “right spot”, but it’s definitely effective.  Combine the enema function with a pulsing spray for added effectiveness.

close up of the bliss bidet nozzle

Which bidet toilet seats have the best enema function?

To have an effective enema function, a bidet seat must be able to produce high wash pressure from its nozzle.  Bio Bidet seats have the highest pressure available so it’s no surprise that two Bio Bidet models made our list.  The Clean Sense dib series of bidet seats rounds out our list.

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet, top view

#1 Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 / BB-1700

The new Bliss series from Bio Bidet includes the remote control BB-2000 and side panel BB-1700 models.  Both models are the top of the line in terms of overall quality and their enema functions are the best available.  Using Bio Bidet’s signature Vortex water stream, the enema function is optimized to produce a strong, swirling stream of water.  The swirling action is engineered to more effectively penetrate the anus and provide faster relief.  The Bio Bidet BB-2000 and BB-1700 bidet seats are also equipped with advanced hybrid water heaters that provide instant and endless warm water.  The water will be warm right from the start and stay warm until you’re finished.  It’s no wonder why the Bliss series is currently the #1 selling bidet toilet seat line in 2014 at

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme, top view

#2 Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 from has been an industry leader for reliability and functionality for the past decade.  The BB-1000 introduced Bio Bidet’s signature Vortex water stream for its enema function and has been a customer favorite for years.  Like the Bliss series, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 has the strongest water pressure in its class and is able to deliver a strong, swirling water stream for an effective enema.  Its tank type water heater provides instant warm water, but will return to room temperature after about 30 seconds. 

Clean Sense dib-1500R, top view

#3 Clean Sense dib-1500R /dib-1500

The Clean Sense dib line of bidet seats is all about value.  At under $400, you won’t find a higher quality seat with so many features and functions.  The Clean Sense dib-1500R is consistently a top 3 seller every year at  The enema function is strong and effective, but lacks the swirling action that sets Bio Bidet apart.  However, the dib-1500R and dib-1500 both use tankless water heating systems that provide endless warm water. 

USPA 6800 with remote, top view

Honorable Mention: USPA 6800

The USPA 6800 bidet toilet seat is a great all around performer that is able to produce strong wash pressure.  Unlike the other bidet seats on this list, the USPA 6800 does not have a dedicated enema function, but instead has a unique “IIP” function.  The IIP stands for intensive impulse pulsation and is basically a very strong pulsing spray.  It is designed to be used as an enema and works well enough for inclusion on this list.