Novita Bidet on Toilet


Add a bidet seat to your existing toilet to create the bidet toilet combination of your dreams. A bidet toilet combo differs from a traditional style bidet by eliminating the need for a separate fixture in your bathroom.  Simply replace your current toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat to easily add bidet functionality to your existing toilet.  

Bidet toilet combinations are also significantly less expensive and easier to maintain than all-in-one bidet toilets such as the TOTO Neorest ($4,750) or Kohler Numi ($6,653).  Combining a bidet seat like the Brondell Swash 1000 with a toilet offers convenience and functionality with very little compromise. 


Removing toilet seat, and lid demonstration Locking bidet seat into mounting plate


Should I get a bidet toilet combination?

If you can answer YES to any of the following statements, then you should consider adding a bidet toilet combination to your bathroom.

I like my bottom thoroughly clean after using the bathroom.

Using a bidet toilet seat to clean yourself with water after using the bathroom is so much more effective and hygenic than wiping with toilet paper it's not even funny.  Constantly wiping with toilet paper can get very abrasive and cause irritation to sensitive parts.

I prefer to keep my hands away from my toilet bowl.

By using a bidet toilet combo like the Bio Bidet BB-2000 instead of toilet paper, one can create a virtually hands free bathroom experience.  Just press a few buttons on a control panel instead of having to reach into the toilet bowl to wipe.  

I want to do my part in saving the environment.

The average person uses 30 toilet paper rolls annually.  A family of four uses around 119 (source).  Reducing toilet paper use by cleaning with a bidet seat means less trees being cut. 
Bonus facts: A single tree produces just 100 lbs. of toilet paper.  83 million rolls are produced daily.  Global toilet paper production alone consumes about 27,000 trees a day.  That’s a lot of trees! (source)

I (or someone I love) need assistance in the bathroom.

Have an elderly or disabled family member who has a hard time cleaning themselves after using the bathroom?  A bidet toilet combination gives users the ability to clean themselves without the help of a caregiver, enabling them to stay in their homes longer and giving them the confidence to remain independent.

If you suffer from UTIs, hemorrhoids, Crohn's Disease, or other ailments that affect your toileting a bidet toilet seat combo offers the easiest way to stay clean while greatly reducing the risk of infection and irritation caused by wiping. 


Still not convinced?  Here are some more pros and cons of adding a bidet toilet seat to your toilet.


- Bidet toilet seats fit most residential toilets.
- They are easy to service.  Unlike a bidet-toilet combination, a bidet toilet seat can easily be removed and sent back to the manufacturer if repairs are needed.
- There are simply more choices.  There will be a bidet toilet seat that matches the wants and needs of a family without unneeded features.
- They are simple to install and remove.  It can easily be taken to a new house.
- Bidet toilet seats offer great warranties, usually 3-5 years.


- Bidet toilet seats are not a universal fit.  Some bidets fit other toilets better than others, so research must be done to ensure the proper fitment.
- Bidet toilet seats have many different makes and models.  The fitment and contours of the bidet seat may not match a toilet exactly.