TOTO s350e Washlet w/ Remote

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Color: Cotton White
Size: Elongated
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Replaced by the TOTO 550e model. This model has been discontinued and will not be restocked.

NOTE: The TOTO s300e is identical to the TOTO s350e - with the exception that the s350e has an automatic opening/closing lid. 

The TOTO s350e Washlet is the latest flagship bidet seat from the world's most trusted washlet brand, TOTO.  The TOTO s350e washlet seat is virtually the highest quality bidet seat available on the market today, with the latest in technological advances.  The s350e is also one of the most elegantly designed washlets that you're likely to find with only 4" of height at its tallest point in the rear.  It is truly in a class of its own and is a perfect fit for the discerning user that wants the best bidet seat money can buy.  

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

toto washlet features

The TOTO s350e comes with all the standard the luxury features that you would expect from an industry leading model.  It includes an advanced aerated, warm water, dual action spray with both oscillating and pulsating capabilities.  Water heating is both instant and continuous for an energy efficient, endless warm water supply.  Water temperature, spray pressure, and warm air drying are all fully adjustable with 5 variable settings.  The s350e also has an automatic air deodorizer, a heated seat, and a convenient LED night light.  

TOTO's s350e washlet also includes some unique functions and features that are not available with other brands.  An auto open/close seat and lid can be set to automatically raise the seat and lid when a user approaches or lower them when leaving.  The opening and closing of the seat and lid can also be controlled by the wireless remote control.  The remote control has a convenient slim design and has one of the industry's only illuminated touch pads for easy use in dark bathroom conditions.  Combined with its built in night light, the TOTO s350e washlet can help you access the toilet at night without the need to turn on your bathroom lights.  

Another unique TOTO feature on the s350e is its new ewater+ technology.  TOTO's ewater+ feature uses electrolyzed water as a proven disinfectant to pre-mist the toilet bowl surface before each use.  This pre-misting wets the toilet bowl surface which prevents waste from sticking to the sides - thereby keeping your toilet bowl cleaner.  After each flush, TOTO's ewater+ feature mists the bowl again, reducing the need to constantly use harsh chemical cleaners.  

toto ewater+

TOTO S350e Model Numbers:

Elongated Seat SW584      Cotton White #01 TOTO SW584#01
Elongated Seat SW584 Sedona Beige #12      TOTO SW584#12
Round Seat SW583 Cotton White #01 TOTO SW583#01
Round Seat SW583 Sedona Beige #12 TOTO SW583#12


TOTO Downloads and Resources:

S350e Specifications Sheet (.pdf)

S350e / S300e Owner's Manual (.pdf)

S350e / S300e Basic Operations Guide (.pdf)

S350e / S300e Installation Guide (.pdf)

TOTO Comparison Chart (.pdf)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great product

Toto is the best bidet by far. Easy install and very efficient.

Get a Brondell...or anything else.. instead.

The deodorizing fan--and all the noise from it -- wakes people up and makes it impossible to return to sleep. There is NO option to turn it off even though MENU says there is. The wand is made of cheap plastic and doesn't hit the right spot for women. The cover scratches incredibly easily from the slightest rub of anything that's not soft material. Also, I just have to say how the installation video is NOT what happens in real life due to the cheap and $*#^ washers TOTO includes. I'd never buy this again and am seriously regretting not getting a Brondell..or anything else but TOTO.

works well

This is the second TOTO washlet we purchased. The first one was great and so is the second. Saves TP!

I really like this product

I really like the Toto s350e washlet, so I bought the 2nd unit after two weeks.

Toto S350e Better/Worse than S400

We purchased the s350e washlet to replace an S400 that we have had for 6 years. The S400 was excellent in function. It included all functions of the S350e except for the Pre-Mist, and it added automatic toilet flushing. The down-side has been durability. The S400 required repairs after 3 years of service, and again now - 3 more years. I can only surmise the S350e will demonstrate the same durability shortcomings.

The S350e Pre-Mist is excellent. The pre-mist keeps the toilet bowl markedly cleaner by eliminating sticking of solid material to the porcelain. The wash function doesn't seem as good as the S400, however. This will be TMI, but the S350e spray seems to distribute too much of the water to places that don't really need it, whereas the S400 required only minimum wiping to ensure that no wetness was left behind (no pun intended). Don't even consider using the blow dryer as a means of drying off unless you are prepared to sit on the toilet for several minutes after you have finished your business.

Do we like Toto washlets? Absolutely! Even knowing that repair needs are likely, we bought a second one. Do you need a washlet? Probably not, but neither my wife nor I is liable to use another toilet if there is any way we can get home before the need is unavoidable. And, we have added one to the guest bathroom, as well, though that one is a Toto C200.

My biggest gripe is the rather flimsy lid on all of the Toto washlets, which just doesn't look as clean as a typical, more solid, toilet lid. I particularly dislike the way the lid has an outer edge that turns down to conceal the seat. This seems to be a standard for all manufacturers of washlets. I can't comprehend why they all think this is necessary when it is not deemed necessary for non-washlet seats.

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