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In this video, we’ll be walking through the basic question of “What is a bidet seat?”

A bidet seat is an electronic hygiene device that replaces your toilet seat and attaches to your existing toilet bowl. a bidet seat's main function is to wash your rear with a warm stream of water after you are done using the toilet. Cleaning with water is easier, more effective, and more hygienic than simply wiping with toilet paper.
Bidet toilet seats from fit most residential toilets and come in two sizes: Round or Elongated – depending on the shape of your toilet.
Installation is simple enough for Do-it-yourself users to complete in less than 45 minutes.

Bidet seats are controlled by either an attached side control panel, or the more popular wall mounted remote control. They can provide a number of useful features like rear wash, front feminine wash, a heated seat, a warm air dryer, deodorizer, and much more.  

When you press the wash button, a wash nozzle will automatically extend out from beneath the seat and spray a well-aimed stream of aerated, warm water toward your rear.  The pressure, temperature and position of the spray can all be adjusted to suit your preferences.  After you are done washing, press the stop button and the nozzle will retract back into its housing.  
All electronic bidet seats from come with self-cleaning nozzles so the only thing that touches you is clean, fresh water.
Once you’re clean, you can either dab yourself dry with a few sheets of toilet paper, or use the bidets seat’s warm air drying function to eliminate the need for toilet paper altogether.

Washing yourself with warm water instead of wiping with toilet paper will leave you with a clean, refreshed feeling after using the toilet – instead of feeling like you need to take a shower.  Bidet seats can also restore toileting independence for the elderly, handicapped or disabled, and anyone else suffering from a condition that limits their ability to clean.


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