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The USPA 6800 bidet seat from is one of our best selling models.  The USPA has one of the slimmest and lowest profile designs we carry with a unique, seamless design between the seat and lid.  This bidet toilet seat has a high quality build and is loaded with high end features.

The USPA 6800 is operated by a stylish remote control that has an LCD screen displaying the time and current settings.  It has strong water pressure for its front and rear cleansing with fully adjustable nozzle position, temperature, and pressure.  The USPA also has a third wash function called IIP which provides a powerful pulsing spray meant to act like an enema function to relieve constipation.  It has the full suite of convenience features like a heated seat, warm air dryer, deodorizer, childs mode, and 1 button auto wash and dry.

The USPA 6800 bidet seat has an upgraded water heating system which allows it to provide almost a full minute of warm water despite its tank type design.  Compared to its competitors that can only muster 30 seconds of warm water, it has a clear advantage.

On the right side of the bidet seat, we see the deodorizer vent and a small power button which can also activate the front wash. Here, we show you the clean design of the USPA.  Unlike other bidets that have a visible back panel between the seat and lid when opened, the 6800 has a seamless design where the back panel is hidden. 

On the left side, we see the water supply hose and another small button that can activate the rear wash.If you prefer the water supply to be angled downwards, carries an optional 90 degree angled hose.

The bidet seat offers catch plate installation so it can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning. Another useful feature is the slow close seat and lid.  Simply push the seat or lid forward from its resting position and it will then slowly close on its own.

The USPA 6800 has a dual nozzle system.  First, we see the rear wash function with adjustable nozzle position. We can also pulse the water stream and make nozzle oscillate back and forth for more thorough cleansing. As the nozzle retracts, you will notice water dripping from its base.  This is the nozzle’s self cleaning function as it rinses itself of with a jet of water before and after each use.

As we switch to the feminine cleansing, we can see the nozzles washing themselves. Again we can make the water stream pulse or have the nozzle oscillate back and forth for better cleaning.

Here, we see the USPA’s IIP – Intensive Impulse Pulsation – function.

Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.


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