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The TOTO S550e is the latest ultra high end seat from TOTO. With this new flagship model, TOTO introduces two distinct lid designs: Contemporary and Classic. The contemporary lid design has a cleaner aesthetic with modern lines. The classic lid has a more traditional appearance with a beveled edge along the sides of the lid. As a leading edge bidet seat, the S550e is packed with luxury features and functions including some uniquely TOTO details.  Its tankless water heating system provides endless warm water and energy efficiency for a comfortable wash. Its E-Water-plus system sanitizes the toilet bowl between uses and is also used to sanitize the nozzles during its self cleaning mode. The seat and lid are motorized so they can be set to raise and lower automatically based on motion, or be controlled via the remote control. TOTO added a convenient LED nightlight as well.  The nightlight and the motorized seat and lid are the only two features that separate the S550e from the S500e.

The S550e also includes all the typical luxury bidet seat features you’d come to expect including a powerful warm air dryer, heated seat, deodorizer, self-cleaning nozzles, and so on. On the right side of the seat, you’ll see the water supply hose and electrical cord. On the left, you’ll see a deodorizer vent and the seat’s quick release tab. The TOTO S550e remote control has a slim, silver design with touch sensitive buttons. Its dual sided remote has the basic wash and dry functions on the front, while the backside has an LCD screen and all the fine tuning adjustments. It also has the ability to save two user presets for convenience. The S550e has a rear wash and front feminine wash that each have two modes: Soft or Hard.   Each of the wash functions can be modified with oscillation or pulse. The warm air dryer is powerful like past TOTO models.  Other adjustments like the energy saving mode, automatic lid settings and heated seat can be done on the back of the remote. 

Standard installation parts are included with the seat.

First, we see the regular rear wash in action. Now we see the narrower hard rear wash. The nozzle position is adjustable in all wash functions and can also oscillate back and forth. Next, we see the soft front feminine wash And now the narrower front wash. Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.



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