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The Novita BH-90 & 93 from is the latest luxury bidet toilet seat from Korea.  The build quality of this unit is fantastic and it offers unique luxury features typically reserved for bidet seats that cost well over $1000.  It has a distinctive stainless steel inlay across the top, an advanced water heating system, a dual LED night light, automatic opening and closing seat and lid, and much more.  The Novita bidet is simply one of the best bidet seats money can buy. 

The Novita BH series features one of the most advanced wireless remote controls currently on the market.  Its buttons are touch capacitive so a light finger touch is all you need to activate functions.  It has a large, backlit LCD screen for easy reading and a convenient wall mount.  The Novita BH provides ample water pressure for fast cleansing and comes loaded with convenience features like oscillating nozzles, power saving economy modes, a deodorizer, and an LED night light. The temperature of the water and seat, spray pressure, and nozzle position are all fully adjustable.  The Novita’s seat and lid can also be raised or lowered via the touch buttons across the top of the remote.

The BH-90 uses an advanced, instant water heating system for immediate and endless warm water.  It also uses a silver nano oxide coating to help sterilize its stainless steel wash nozzle. There’s no enema function on this model, but wash pressure and water volume are both superb.   The cleansing sprays are well aerated for a very comfortable wash. 

On the right side of the bidet seat, you’ll see the adjustable water inlet which can be angled downwards for convenience.   On the left, you’ll see the emergency buttons, light sensor, quick release button, and a 4 foot long electrical cord.  Across the top of the Novita, we see the logo etched into the polished stainless steel inlay, along with power indicator lights and an infrared sensor for the remote control.

The Novita’s lid can be set to automatically open when someone is near, and then close when idle – making your entire bathroom experience virtually touch free.  The seat and lid and can also raised and lowered manually, or via buttons on the remote control.  The BH series is the only bidet seat on the market that can do this, outside of the TOTO s350e. 

Here, we see the Novita’s beautiful, dual LED nightlight that shines across the bowl.  The light can be set to automatically turn on or off depending on ambient lighting conditions.

The Novita features a single stainless steel nozzle for its wash functions.  First, we see the rear wash function with adjustable nozzle position. We can also make the nozzle oscillate back and forth for more thorough cleansing. As the nozzle retracts, you will notice water dripping from its base. This is the nozzle's self-cleaning function as it rinses itself off with water before and after each use.

Now, we see the front feminine wash coming from a different section of the nozzle. Again we can make the nozzle oscillate back and forth for better cleaning.

The Novita’s warm air dryer is one of the strongest on the market.

Another unique and useful feature of the Novita BH-90 is the turbo cleansing option.  With one touch, the bidet will do a high pressure rear wash with oscillation. 


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