The Infinity XLC-3000 from uses a highly efficient tankless water heating system to provide instant and endless warm water.  Coupled with a high quality build, it comes fully loaded with convenience features – the perfect bidet for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

The XLC-3000 is controlled by a wall mountable, wireless remote.

The Infinity offers front and rear cleansing as well as nozzle oscillation and pulsing functions – great for relieving constipation.  Nozzle position, water temperature, and pressure are all fully adjustable.  The Infinity XLC also offers a heated seat, warm air dryer, child’s mode, and a warm water sitz bath function.

On the right side of the unit, we see the electrical cord outlet.

As we move over to the left, you’ll notice a small emergency control panel with basic functions.  

Below the panel is the water supply inlet. Notice it is smartly angled downwards and out of the way.

Like our other electronic bidet seats, the Infinity offers catch plate installation for easier cleaning.
Another useful feature is the slow close seat and lid.  Simply push the seat or lid forward from its resting position and it will then slowly close on its own – preventing slams and reducing stress.

First, we see the rear wash function with adjustable nozzle position. We can also pulse the water stream and make the nozzle oscillate back and forth for more thorough cleansing. As the nozzle retracts, you will notice water dripping from its base.  This is the nozzle’s self cleaning function as it rinses itself of with a jet of water before and after each use.
Now, we see the front feminine wash coming from the second nozzle. Again we can make the water stream pulse or have the nozzle oscillate back and forth for better cleaning.
Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.


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