How to Troubleshoot a Bidet Seat with Intermittent Water or Seat Heating

Is your bidet seat spraying water at an inconsistent temperature? Or, perhaps the heated seat temperature seems to fluctuate or is sometimes not as hot as it’s supposed to be.  In this guide, we will discuss some possible causes and how to fix them.


Power Saving Eco Mode

Here at Bidet King, the majority of intermittent water and seat heating cases we receive are simply caused by a bidet seat’s power saving or eco modes being activated.  So, what is eco mode?

Eco mode is a feature that most modern bidet seats have and is meant to reduce the seat’s energy consumption.  While there are different types of eco mode, at its core, this setting will lower a bidet seat’s water and seat temperatures to save energy.  Depending on your climate, the lowered heat levels can almost feel non-existent.

Bidet seats have a variety of ways of handling these power saving options.  Some may have a learning eco mode that will reduce power based on your bathroom patterns.  Other seats will simply reduce temperatures when left idle after a certain time period.

Whatever the case may be, if these eco modes are activated, you will experience inconsistent heating of the water and seat. It is quite common that bidet seat users are unaware that an Eco Mode even exists, and therefore this setting is often overlooked.  Also, it’s often defaulted to be On when you first power up.

The simple solution is that if you want consistent water and seat temperatures, turn off your bidet seat’s Eco Mode.


How to Turn Off Eco Mode

Different bidet seats have different ways of deactivating this setting.  Some seats have the setting located on the remote control. With your remote control near the bidet, locate and press the power saving or eco mode button until the indicator lights or symbols turn off.

Other models will have the power saving mode located on the seat itself.  Again, press the button until the indicator lights disappear. If your bidet has two different eco modes, make sure to keep pressing until both lights turn off.

Some bidets have an automatic eco mode with no clear buttons on the seat or remote.  Refer to the user manual as there may be a different procedure to deactivate it.

In most instances, intermittent heating will be a result of the power saving mode being on. If the bidet’s water or seat heater were actually malfunctioning, there would be no heat at all, instead of intermittent heat.

If deactivating eco mode does not fix the heating issue, check if water is leaking or dripping from the nozzle area.  This could also prevent the water from heating as it is constantly dripping. Please refer to our other video to troubleshoot a bidet seat that’s leaking.

If your bidet seat is still having intermittent heating issues after deactivated eco mode and checking for leaks, then it is best to contact us or the manufacturer for further assistance.  



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