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The Brondell Swash 900 from is Brondell’s mid-level entry to the market.  It has the same high quality build as the Swash 1000, but has fewer features for customers looking for a more basic bidet seat.  The sleek, low profile design is identical to that of the 1000.

While the Swash 900 has fewer convenience features, it still uses an energy efficient tankless water heating system that provides an unlimited warm water supply.  
It has front and rear warm water wash with temperature and pressure control, adjustable nozzle position, and a heated seat.  
Brondell was also smart enough to include the wide spray adjustment on the Swash 900, a unique and popular feature among our customers.  The remote control still has an attractive, slim design and comes with a handy magnetic wall mount.

The quality of the Brondell Swash is evident in the strength of its seat and lid.  It has a sturdy seat and the only lid on the market strong enough to be sat on when closed.

On the right hand side of the bidet seat, we see the deodorizer vent, electrical cord, and a small emergency control panel with basic functions. Our customers really enjoy the contoured shape of the Swash bidet toilet seat.  Its slim design allows it to be installed on most 1 piece toilets, except those with extreme French curve designs.  On the left side of the unit, we see where the water supply hose connects to the seat.  While this video shows the hose sticking out to the side, the Swash 1000’s supply hose has since been updated to angle downwards with a chrome 90 degree end.  

Like all the electronic bidets we sell, the Swash has catch plate installation so it can easily removed for cleaning. Another useful feature is the slow close seat and lid.  Simply push the seat or lid forward from its resting position and it will then slowly close on its own.

The Brondell Swash 900 uses dual stainless steel nozzles for cleaning. First, we see the rear wash with adjustable position. As we switch to the feminine cleansing, we can see the nozzles washing themselves. Here, we also demonstrate the wide spray adjustment.  If you pay close attention to the spray pattern, we can see it switching from narrow to wide.


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