The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is the newest luxury bidet seat from Bio Bidet. As part of its new high-end Discovery Series, the Bio Bidet DLS is packed with many unique features. 

At just 4.7” high in the rear, the DLS is Bio Bidet’s slimmest bidet seat.  Its low profile gives it a nice, modern appearance that isn’t as bulky as its other models.  

The seat and lid are motorized so they can be set to raise and lower automatically based on motion, or be controlled via the remote control.  Approach the toilet and the lid will open for you. Once you’re done, the lid will close after a few minutes. A truly hands free experience. 

A tankless water heating system provides endless warm water and energy efficiency for a comfortable wash.  Its spray pressure is above average, but not as strong as the BB-2000 model. 

Another luxury feature for the DLS is a UV Sterilization System for its stainless steel nozzle. During the nozzle’s self cleaning process, it is exposed to an internal UV light that further sanitizes it.

In addition to the conventional features like a heated seat, adjustable nozzles, oscillation, and warm air dryer, the Bio Bidet DLS also has a soft white LED night light, one button wash-and-dry,  and a hot-cold therapy spray option called “dynamic stream”. 

On the left side of the seat you’ll find the water inlet and auxiliary control panel. On the right side of the seat you’ll find the electrical cord and quick release tab. 

The Bio Bidet DLS remote control is dual sided. On the front, you’ll find the basic wash and dry buttons. On the rear, you’ll find the fine tuning adjustments like temperature and pressure control.  The motorized seat and lid buttons are located along the top for easy access. The DLS is covered by Bio Bidet’s Premier 5 year warranty that promises an enhanced service level.  

Standard installation parts are included with the seat.

First, we see the rear wash. By default, the nozzle oscillates during the wash and the position is adjustable. Next, we see the front feminine wash from a different section of the nozzle. Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent. Visit us at the online leader in bidet seats.




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