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The Bio Bidet BB-i3000 from is the most popular non-electric bidet seat on the market today.  It features hot and cold water hookups, dual nozzles for front and rear cleansing, and a patented vortex water stream for the rear.

The i3000 has a low profile, contoured shape.  With a 20” length, it is compatible with virtually any residential toilet with an elongated bowl, except 1 piece toilets with a French curve. It will even fit some toilets that have a round bowl depending on its measurements.

The Bio Bidet BB-i3000 has a specially contoured seat, making it comfortable for both adults and children.

It also features a slow close seat and lid to prevent slams.

The i3000 is controlled by a unique lever system.  Push the lever forward to activate the front feminine wash.  Pull the lever back to activate the rear and enema washes.  There’s also a soap dispenser for users looking for that extra clean. 

Temperature is controlled by a control knob in the front.

The BB-i3000 comes with all the installation parts necessary for a typical install.  If you don’t have a sink nearby for hot water, the seat can be used with cold water only by stacking both of the t-valves on the cold water supply. 

In this demo, we will show how the i3000’s lever controls all of the seat’s functions.  Pull the lever back halfway for a rear wash.  Pull it back even farther for a powerful enema wash.  This rear wash nozzle features a patented vortex water stream.  Return the lever back to center to stop.  Push it forward for the front feminine wash.