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The Bio Bidet BB-800 from is Bio Bidet’s best bidet seat for those that prefer a side control panel.  It has a sturdy seat, offers solid overall quality and reliability, and has the same great water pressure that makes its cousin, the BB-1000, so popular.

From the top, we see the BB-800’s indicator lights.  All of the seat’s functions are controlled by its side control panel that has clean, rounded edges and large easy to read buttons. It offers warm water front and rear cleansing, a heated seat, and a warm air dryer.  This bidet toilet seat also has a dedicated enema function to help with constipation.  The temperature of the water and seat, spray pressure, and nozzle position are all fully adjustable.  The BB 800 includes convenience features like oscillating nozzles, a massaging pulse function, and power saving economy modes.

Although the Bio Bidet uses a tank-type water heater that provides about 30 seconds worth of warm water, its built in water pump is able to provide a high pressure wash for faster cleaning.

Underneath the side control panel, we see that the water inlet is angled downward for convenience. Like most other electronic bidet seats, the electrical cord comes down from the right hand side of the unit and is about 4 feet long. The bidet seat offers catch plate installation so it can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning.  And like the BB-1000, the BB-800 also has a sturdy seat and durable hinges.Another useful feature is the slow close seat and lid.  Simply push the seat or lid forward from its resting position and it will then slowly close on its own.

The Bio Bidet features a single nozzle that has 3 different sections on it for the 3 wash functions. First, we see the rear wash function with adjustable nozzle position. We can also pulse the water stream and make nozzle oscillate back and forth for more thorough cleansing. As the nozzle retracts, you will notice water dripping from its base.  This is the nozzle’s self cleaning function as it rinses itself of with a jet of water before and after each use

Now, we see the front feminine wash coming from a different section of the nozzle. Again we can make the water stream pulse or have the nozzle oscillate back and forth for better cleaning.). Here, we see the popular enema function.  It produces a strong, non aerated, narrow stream of water that’s meant to stimulate the rectum and relieve constipation.  It can also be combined with the pulse action for more effectiveness.

Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.


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