The Bio Bidet BB-70 from is one of the most popular non-electric bidet attachments on the market today. It’s built with a durable ABS plastic body and features a simple, cold water only design with a single rear wash nozzle.  

The BB-70 is installed underneath your existing toilet seat and is compatible with virtually any residential toilet, except 1 piece toilets with a French curve. 

The BB-70 comes with a 3/8 inch metal T-valve and a metal supply hose.  Since it only uses cold water, installation is a breeze and usually only takes about 15 minutes. 

While it may look similar to other products on the market, the BB-70 sets itself apart with some upgraded features.

The spring loaded wash nozzle stays retracted behind a splash guard when not in use.  Once activated, water pressure pushes the nozzle out to begin cleansing.   

This nozzle is also removable for easy cleaning and replacement.

Water spray pressure is controlled by a simple turn knob that clicks with each step.  Unlike its cheaper competitors, the Bio Bidet BB-70 uses a brass flow valve for precise control and durability.

Here, we see the Bio Bidet BB-70 in action.  Turn the control knob and water will begin spraying through the end of the nozzle.  Notice how the nozzle stays out of the way, but the water stream is smartly angled up toward your rear.  Turn the knob back to ‘off’, and the nozzle will retract.


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