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The Bio Bidet BB-400 Harmony from is a value priced bidet seat that doesn't skimp on performance or quality. It features a sturdy seat, separate his and her rear wash functions, and is capable of delivering very strong spray pressure.

The BB-400 is operated by a wireless remote control with large, soft touch buttons and a convenient wall mount. 'His rear wash' delivers a stronger spray that can also be used as an enema function, while 'her rear wash' provides a gentler, more comfortable water stream.

The seat also has a front feminine wash, warm air dryer, heated seat, nozzle oscillation and an energy saving economy mode.

The electrical cord comes out from the right hand side of the unit if you are facing the toilet.

The water supply inlet is smartly angled downward on the left side of the seat.

The Bio Bidet uses a reliable tank-type water heater that provides about 30 seconds worth of warm water each time you sit down. After 30 seconds, the water stream will gradually turn back to room temperature.

The bidet seat offers catch plate installation so it can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning.

Another useful feature is the slow close seat and lid. Simply push the seat or lid forward from its resting position and it will then slowly close on its own -- preventing slams and reducing stress.

The Bio Bidet BB-400 uses a single nozzle with 3 different sections.

First, we see 'his rear wash' in action. Notice the strong, narrow spray pattern ideal for users who like higher pressure or wish to use it as an enema wash.

Next, we see 'her rear wash' -- it's a gentler wash with a wider spray pattern for comfort.

The third function is the front feminine wash. Note that nozzle position is fully adjustable and can be oscillated back and forth in any of the 3 wash modes.

Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.


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