The Bio Bidet BB-250 from is a non-electric bidet attachment that features dual nozzles for front and rear cleansing.  It has hookups for both hot and cold water and is built with a durable ABS plastic body and high quality brass flow valves.

The BB-250 is installed underneath your existing toilet seat and is compatible with virtually any residential toilet, except 1 piece toilets with a French curve. 

The BB-250 is supplied with two 3/8 inch t-valve connections for both hot and cold water hookups.  It can also be used with cold water only, by simply stacking the two t-valves on top of each other on the cold water line.

While it may look similar to other products on the market, the BB-250 sets itself apart with some upgraded features.

The spring loaded wash nozzles stay retracted behind a splash guard when not in use.  Once activated, water pressure pushes the nozzles out to begin cleansing.   

The nozzles are also removable for easy cleaning and replacement.

The BB-250 has 3 main functions controlled by the first knob: Nozzle cleaning, rear wash, and front feminine wash.

Water pressure is controlled by the 2nd knob that clicks with each step. 

Water temperature is controlled by the 3rd knob that also clicks.

In this demo, we show each of the 3 wash functions.

First we see the nozzle cleaning function – use this to flush out any cold water left in the supply hose before you begin washing.

Then we switch to the rear wash.

And finally the front feminine wash.

Notice how the nozzles stay out of the way, but the water stream is smartly angled up toward your rear.


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