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The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity is a luxury class bidet seat that’s loaded with high end features and great design.  It offers endless warm water, an LED nightlight, a stainless steel nozzle, dual sided remote, and much more. The Bio Bidet A8 has a sleek, uni-body design. When closed, its lid covers the entire length of the bidet seat and creates a clean silhouette on the toilet. The A8 compliments this modern look with a blue LED nightlight, which provides a soft glow inside the toilet bowl. The seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams. Simply push them forward and they will softly close on their own. The A8 Serenity uses an energy efficient hybrid heating system that provides endless warm water from start to finish. Its spray pressure is fairly strong, but it does not have a dedicated enema function. Its warm air dryer has two different fan speeds and is stronger than most on the market, and is above average in performance. On the right side of the seat, you’ll see the auxiliary control panel with basic wash functions as well as the water inlet which is angled for convenience. On the left, you’ll see a replaceable deodorizer and the seat’s quick release tab. The Bio Bidet A8’s power cord comes out from the center of the unit. It has grooves allowing you to bring the cord to either side of the toilet.

The A8 is built with customization in mind. Its dual sided remote has the basic wash and dry functions on the front, while the backside has an LCD screen and all the fine tuning adjustments. It also has the ability to save two user presets for convenience. The Bio Bidet A8 has a rear wash, a front feminine wash, and a child cycle. Each of the wash functions can be modified with oscillation and pulse. Uniquely, you can also choose to have the spray aerated or non-aerated depending on your preference. Other adjustments like the energy saving mode, night light, heated seat, and quiet mode can also be done on the remote. Standard installation parts are included with the seat. 

First, we see the regular rear wash in action. The nozzle position is adjustable in all wash functions and can also oscillate back and forth. The water stream can also be pulsed for a massaging effect. Next, we see the front feminine wash from a different section of the nozzle. Lastly, we demonstrate the warm air dryer blowing from its vent.



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