This guide will walk you through the process of unpacking your new toilet and getting the bidet seat properly installed on it.  Please refer to your plumber or the separate installation sheet for installing the toilet itself in your bathroom. 

Tools and Parts Needed:

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Plumbers Tape (if needed)
  • Toilet Supply Hose (3/8" - 7/8") (not included)


1. Make sure to carefully remove the toilet from its box. You may want some help when removing the bidet-toilet combo from its box as it is very heavy.

Thoroughly inspect the toilet for any damage. It is crucial that you notify us of damage as soon as possible (within 5 days of delivery) so we can get a claim filed and the product replaced.

Note: Some residual moisture, powder, and/or glaze may be present as leftovers from the manufacturing and testing process at the factory. Wipe clean with a damp paper towel.

3. Next you will want to remove the seat and lid from the toilet. This is done by first depressing the two release buttons located on the seat itself and pulling up.

Pull off the two circular metal covers to expose the mounting bolts underneath. Then, unscrew the mounting bolts with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the black assemblies. 

Please keep these mounting bolts handy as they will be re-used in the next step.

5. Once removed you should see the mounting nuts exposed.  These may be white plastic or black rubber depending on the toilet model. They work the same regardless. Leave them in place.
6. Locate the “mounting washers” that were included inside the bidet seat box.  Using the original mounting bolts removed from the toilet and the provided “mounting washers”, secure the bidet seat’s mounting plate to the toilet.
7. Every bidet seat mounting kit is a little different so please refer to the user manual to identify the parts needed. Here’s an example.

Secure the mounting plate assembly to the toilet bowl using the toilet mounting bolts and the provided mounting washers (not the mounting bolts that come with the bidet seat). Here’s an example.

With TOTO Washlets, no mounting washers are included separately, use the ones supplied with the washlet mounting plate. 


Once the mounting plate is secured onto your toilet bowl, you can then slide your bidet onto the mounting bracket, making sure to push it as far back as possible and making sure to hear an audible ‘click’.

If the bidet seat is not lining up with the front of the bowl, release it from the mounting plate and then adjust the plate’s position.




Use the t-valve supplied with the bidet seat and attach to the toilet fill valve as shown. The bidet seat supply hose will connect to the right inlet while the toilet’s water connection will connect to the bottom. 

Make sure the rubber cone washer is used at the top connection with the fill valve and “pointing up” to prevent leaks.


Use the included “T-valve for skirted toilets” to connect to the shut-off valve at the wall.  Do not use the original t-valve that comes with the bidet seat.


Connect the bidet supply hose to the t-valve as shown.  Then, connect a toilet supply hose (not included) from the top of the t-valve (⅜” compression) to the toilet’s fill valve (⅞”).


TOTO WASHLETS – Follow the same directions as above. However, you will need to also use the provided THP3141 adapter on the end of the TOTO washlet hose to connect to the t-valve for skirted toilets.


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