GFCI Outlet

What type of electrical outlets do bidet toilet seats require?

Bidet toilet seats require GFCI protected 3 prong grounded outlets of at least 15 amps.


How much power do bidet seats draw?

Tank type bidet seats generally draw a maximum of 600W at their peak, while tankless type bidet seats draw up to 1400W at their peak. However, a bidet seat will only draw a high wattage during an active wash cycle when all temperatures are set to maximum levels. Maybe 4-5 minutes per day.  The vast majority of the time, the bidet seat will be sitting idle with very low power draw (especially if eco modes are active).  They do not require dedicated circuits so long as there aren't any other heavy appliance that are active on the same circuit.  


Where should I install the electrical outlet? How long is the cord?

Since the electrical cords on bidet seats are about 4 feet long, it’s recommended that new outlets be installed on the wall behind the toilet. Most of the electrical cords extend out from the right hand side of the bidet when facing the toilet, so plan accordingly. TOTO washlets have cords that extend from the left side and the USPA 6800 has a cord extending from the center rear.


Is GFCI necessary?

For new outlets installed in a bathroom, electrical code requires GFCI protected outlets. If you happen to have an older bathroom with pre-existing outlets that do not have GFCI protection, a bidet seat can still be installed and work fine. However, GFCI protection is strongly recommended in water borne environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

For new construction, NEC requires a 20amp circuit with at least a 15amp outlet. Please check your regional electrical code for further details.


Do I need a dedicated circuit?

In most cases, no. Bidet toilet seats generally work fine on shared bathroom circuits because they sit idle for 23 hours and 55 minutes a day. In some cases where older homes are still on dated electrical standards, installing a bidet seat that has a tankless water heater on a shared circuit with bathroom lighting can cause the lights to flicker when the water heater is activated. While rare, flickering bathroom lights should not cause any serious problems aside from annoyance.


Are bidet toilet seats 110V or 220V?

Unless otherwise specified, every bidet seat we carry at is 110V for the North American market. We also carry a special selection of 220V bidet seats for international usage.


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