What does a bidet toilet seat water filter do?

The bidet seat water filters we carry filter out sand, sediment, rust, and small particles from the water supply before they reach your bidet seat.  The filters also help in a lmited capacity to reduce  hard water deposits from building up inside the bidet seat. Some filters even have sterilizing properties.

Why would a bidet seat need a water filter?

Changing the water filter for your bidet seat is like changing the oil for your car.  It serves as preventative maintenance to protect your investment by prolonging the life of your electronic bidet.  Small particles and hard water deposits in the water supply can damage internal o-rings and clog the nozzles over time. 
Build up

I've never used a water filter for my bidet before, is it ok?

For the most part, yes.  Bidet seats do not require water filters to operate and many of our customers choose to forgo them all together.  Every manufacturer recommends using some sort of water filtration system to protect the bidet seats, but they are never required.   For most users living in a city with municipal water supply, filters are not super important.  For users with old pipes, on well water or other natural water sources, filters are highly recommended

What different kinds of water filters are there?

Our basic water filter is the sediment filter that simply filters the water supply.  Ion water filters are the upgraded version and add negative ions to the water supply to discourage bacteria growth and promote sterilization.

Can they be used on any kind of bidet seat?

No.  The water filters we carry are not compatible with Japanese bidet seats like INAX and TOTO which use proprietary water hoses. 

How long does each filter last?

Each filter has a life span of about 6 months.  After 6 months, it is highly recommended that you remove the old filter - regardless if you plan on replacing it.  

Are they easy to install?

Absolutely! Because they are inline water filters, they simply screw on and off the supply hose that connects your bidet seat (see above).  The filters have 1 male 1/2" threaded end and 1 female 1/2" threaded end.   


Bidet Seat Water Filter



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