What are the basic features of most bidet seats?

Virtually all electronic bidet seats on the market today come standard with a slow close seat and lid, heated seat, and warm water front and rear wash.  The temperature of the water and seat are adjustable, as is the spray pressure.

What are some of the more advanced features on bidet seats?

After the basic set of features, bidet toilet seats also offer some more robust features that you can use to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Adjustable nozzle position: Nozzle position can adjusted forward or backward to accommodate your unique shape and size

Warm air dryer:  Great for users who want a true hands-free experience and eliminate the use of toilet paper altogether

Deodorizer: Helps to reduce bathroom odors through a odor neutralizing filter

Nozzle oscillation: Makes the wash nozzle move back and forth for a wider cleaning area

Massaging pulse: Makes the water stream pulsate for a massaging experience

Enema function: Relieves constipation with a stimulating high pressure water stream

Child mode: Reduces the water spray pressure and positions the nozzles more forward to accommodate children

LED night light: Provides a soft glowing night light for the bathroom

Wide spray: Allows the user to adjust the width of the spray to their desired setting

Economy mode: Puts the bidet seat into a power saving mode by reducing seat and water temperatures when not in use


How do bidet seats wash you?

When you press the "wash" button, a wash nozzle (about the size of a marker) will extend out and spray a well aimed stream of water towards your rear.  Press the "stop" button after you are done washing and the nozzle will retract back into its housing.

 Does the nozzle wand get dirty?

Before and after each wash, the bidet seat will automatically rinse the nozzle with a jet of water so it stays clean.  The nozzle wand itself is angled downward and the only thing that touches you is a clean, refreshing stream of water.

How will I know when I am clean?

Everybody has a different preference for how long they choose to wash.  Research has shown that most users only need to wash for 20-30 seconds until they are clean.  You can always use a few sheets of toilet paper to check if you are truly clean.  If not, simply press the wash button again. 

Is the warm air dryer effective? Do I still need toilet paper?

Yes and no.  The warm air dryer feels like a hair blow dryer on a low setting and will take 2-3 minutes to fully dry you.  It is primarily designed for folks who either can't wipe themselves dry, or are trying to eliminate the use of toilet paper altogether.  Most able bodied bidet seat users still prefer to use toilet paper to dab themselves dry after washing.

What are the nozzle oscillation and pulse functions?

During a wash, some electronic bidets allow users to make the nozzle oscillate back and forth or make the water stream pulsate.  The nozzle oscillation function is extremely useful because it provides a much wider cleaning area without the user having to move around.  The pulse function is useful for stimulating the anus during times of constipation.

How does the enema or turbo function work? Can it really give you an enema?

The enema or "turbo wash" function generates a high pressure, narrow stream of water aimed at your rear.  The narrow stream of water is non-aerated and is meant to introduce a small amount of water into the rectum to promote bowel movement.  With a little practice, it can be very effective - especially when combined with the pulse function.


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